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Mar 2017

Out d’Coup | #GodlyHeritage with Rick Saccone; Tuesday with Toomey Arrests; Protests at the Chamber; #DemFail; This Week in Trumplandia; and, more!

This week in Trumplandia: It was Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. The ability to read a speech on a teleprompter leads some pretty gushing reviews by the media and several high profile Democrats. Knowing the Democrats have to steel themselves for a long fight, Democrats chose former Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to give the response to Trump. Beshear’s address helps insomniacs; but, leads most progressives to yell at their TVs. We’ll talk more #DemFail. Meanwhile, progressives in the states aren’t waiting for the national party to get it’s head out of the sand. More and more progressives looking to run for office and protests have not subsided.

Jeff Sessions first did not and then did have conversations with Russian operatives during the presidential campaign while serving as a surrogate for Trump. Session plays the nice old Klan - I mean man - card, emphasizing his “oh, golly gee...come to think of it” defense. He’s now recused himself from ongoing investigation of Trumps Russia ties.

Earlier this week Rep. Rick Saccone announced he was challenging Se. Bob Casey for Senate in 2018. Saccone helped protesters understand our #GodlyHeritage. Tuesday with Toomey activists arrested in Philadelphia for trying to meet with Toomey. This morning Sean got up bright and early to join activists from Lancaster Stands Up at a Chamber of Commerce meeting with Republican State Rep. Lloyd Smucker who has refused to hold town halls for his constituents. Sean was inside that meeting. And yours truly makes a debut on FSTV, doing the #ResistanceReport on the Rick Smith Show. Tune in to Rick’s show this and every Saturday at 7pm EST. You can tune in online at Freespeech.org. You can also tune in on the Dish Network, Direct TV, and with the FSTV app on Roku.

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We are digging in for 2017 and Trumplandia. We need you - the progressive community - to help us deepen pull-no-punches, progressive media that will hold power accountable.  

Jan 2017

Out d’Coup | The Invasion has Begun - Trump’s Inauguration Day; PA Dems Refuse to Learn Lessons of 2016; Big News for Rick Smith Show; Music &More!

It’s Friday, January 20, 2017. You know what that means...Donald Trump gets inaugurated at noon today. I hope you’re done with your mourning, because now it’s time to get in gear, and organize to stand up and fight. This is Kevin Mahoney, editor and founder of Raging Chicken Press and Raging Chicken Media. Each week I talk to our Capitol muckraker-in-chief, Sean Kitchen, about the good, the bad, and the ugly in state and national politics.

On today’s show, we’ll get into our thoughts on this inauguration day. We are recording before the inauguration takes place, so we’ll get to our thoughts on the actual inauguration next week. But today, we’ll talk a little bit about what’s on our minds.

We’ll also talk about some bad signs coming out of the PA Democratic Party. Looks like they may not have learned their lessons from the 2016 election. We’ve also got a really exciting announcement about the Rick Smith Show and the expansion of progressive media! Some hopeful signs on this dark day. We’ve also got some music to share with you - some music for the resistance. Check out "The Resistance," by The Invisible World. You can download the song and pay what you can. All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood and Midwest Music Foundation. All that and more on today’s show.

You can keep progressive, activist media going strong by becoming a member for as little at $2/month! We are digging in for 2017 and Trumplandia. We need you - the progressive community - to help us deepen pull-no-punches, progressive media that will hold power accountable. Our new team of writers is already doing that.  Simply go to RagingChickenPress.org and look for the Support and Membership tab. Click “Become a member” . We are also on Patreon. If you want to be a member through Patreon just click, click “Be a Patron” under the same tab.  Or, if you are not ready to become a member, you can make a one-time donation by clicking “Donate.”

Dec 2016

Out d’Coup | Winter is Coming! We’re Back Talking Trumplandia, Normalizing White Supremacy, and new Raging Chicken Contributors

It’s December 14, 2016. Raging Chicken Radio is back! Trumplandia is coming folks and we are rebuilding and getting ready for the fights ahead. We have been off air since mid-September and to say that a has happened, is the understatement of the decade.  This is Kevin Mahoney, editor and founder of Raging Chicken Press - Welcome to Raging Chicken Radio’s Out d’Coup podcast. Sean Kitchen and I are back and ready to take on Trump’s Suicide Squad and the tide of right-wing politics in PA.

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Sep 2016

Out d’Coup | Hillary Health Conspiracies; Democrats Seeking Love-Fest with GOP; PA Legislation Update; and, 93% of APSCUF Members Vote to Authorize Strike


It’s Sept 16, 2016! Happy Mexican Independence Day! Happy Trail of Tears Commemoration Day! And, Happy Collect Rocks day! And I guess it’s happy Hillary Health Conspiracy Day? 

Today in Trump DeFiles we get an explosion of conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health and the revolt of the deplorables. And what’s up with the national Democrats seeking a love-fest with Republicans. Really? In state news, we've got PA Debit Card Payroll legislation - SB 1265; two so-called “Blue Lives Matters” bills introduced in the PA House; and, the vote is in from APSCUF: 93% of faculty vote to authorize a strike. Negotiations continue today...will we see a strike date set? All that and so much more!

Sep 2016

Out d’Coup | Presidential Forum Flop, High Tech Wage Theft Still Hanging Around, APSCUF Faculty Strike Authorization Vote, & Much More!

Sorry for the delayed posting of this episode. We squeezed in a short episode on Friday 9/9 in the midst of a crazy week. This week we talk about the media failure around the "Commander-in-Chief" forum; PA legislature can't quite let go of the plan to rob workers through a plan to replace paychecks with debit cards; and APSCUF faculty complete three days a strike authorization vote. All that and more! 

Sep 2016

Out d’Coup | Invasion of the Taco Trucks; Corruption in Philly District Attorney’s Office; Philly Copy with White Nationalist Tatoos; APSCUF strike authorization vote and more!

We took a little break as the new school year got underway. But, it’s just freaking great to be back. Today in Trump DeFiles - Trump courting the black vote in Philly, Taco Truck invasion, & To Mexico or Not to Mexico. We’ll get into the district attorney scandal in Philly and new photos suggesting there’s at least one cop in Philly with White Nationalist sympathies. And let’s not forget the strike authorization vote this week by the faculty at PA’s State System of Higher Education. All that and so much more!

Aug 2016

The Sit Down | Colleen Clemens is on talking gender and the Olympics; feministing in higher education; Trump and misogyny in the 2016 presidential election; and, more!

We're back! Today on The Sit Down I welcome Dr. Colleen Clemens, associate professor of non-Western literatures at Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. We talk about the ways that issues of gender are front and center at the Rio Olympics, despite some pretty atrocious media coverage. More women are competing in this year's Olympics than ever before. The are shattering some Olympic records, but still are only getting second-rate coverage in major media outlets.

Then we talk about teaching and working in higher education. Millennials may be getting a bad rap in the mainstream media and the "get-off-my-lawn" privileged class, but they are coming to college campuses with much more interesting relationships to gender than the binary gender roles of "traditional" American culture. We talk feministing in higher ed in the classroom and as a faculty member in the workplace.

Finally, we talk Trump, misogyny, and the last gasps of privileged white guys. Can we draw a line from Death of a Salesman, through Falling Down, right to The Donald? You bet we can. In the face of Trumpism, is there anything to be optimistic about in this year’s presidential election? Tune in to find out.

Check out Colleen Clemen’s piece on the media’s coverage of the Olympics, “Dear Olympic Media: Do Better by Women Athletes,” over at Teaching Tolerance. For more of her work, check her blog RIGHT HERE.

Aug 2016

Out d’Coup | The Trump (De)Files; PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane Convicted; Senator Toomey Stays Cozy With Trump; APSCUF Sets Strike Authorization Vote; and, more!

Today on Out d’Coup we take another dip into the Trump (De)Files for the latest filth and craziness that is the Trump campaign. This week Trump encouraged voter intimidation, finds out his campaign manager is carrying water for Russian-backed dictators, and more stuff from his visit to PA that makes you want to take a shower.

If that wasn’t enough, PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane is convicted on all charges. She’s got 90 days of freedom before she is sentenced. Oh, what could have been if she did not take the bait and break the law. On the other side of the aisle, right-wing Senator Pat Toomey stays in the Trump camp despite pressure. We also look at good and bad examples of progressives going after Toomey and other right-wing Senators across the country. Here’s a hint: You win by tying those folks to Trump, not the opposite.

Then Kevin talks (too much, I know) about next week’s vote by APSCUF representatives whether or not to authorize their first ever strike.

Finally, Sean gives us the low-down on a new beer available in Eastern PA markets - 
Wicked Weed out of Asheville, NC; and, Kevin waxes nostalgic about his cans of Pizza Boy’s Murren River IPA that are off to the recycling center. All that and more on today’s show!

Aug 2016

Out d’Coup | Trump off the rails again; new polls good news for Democrats; police shooting in Harrisburg; craft beer now at PA farmers markets, and more!

On today’s show we talk about some of the new national and statewide polls that are causing headaches in the Donald Trump presidential campaign. We also dub our weekly discussion of all the insane things Trump does each week, “The Trump (De)Files.” We also take a look at some of the PA polling that shows Katie McGinty taking the lead against the right-wing incumbant, Pat Toomey in the PA Senate race.

In the second segment we talk about a police shooting of Earl Pinckney, a 20 year old African-American man with a history of bipolar disorder. Pinckney was shot through his window in his home on August 7th following reports of a domestic dispute. While the details our complicated, we discuss what we know of the case and what it might mean for policing in this Capital city.

Finally, we talk about PA’s new “liquor modernization law,” Act 39, which, among other things, will allow for PA-based craft brewers to sell their wares at farmers markets. Then Sean gives us the lowdown on the latest Pizza Boy cans that he brought me from the brewery.

This is a special edition of the podcast in that we did it sitting in the same room as we ran a live Google Hangout for the first time!

Aug 2016

Out d’Coup | Trump Tests Out Derailing His Campaign; Bernie Launches “Our Revolution”; Big Progressive Win in Washington State; New Poll Shows Hillary With Big Lead in PA

Today we talk about Trump's increasing efforts to derail his own presidential bid and blame others for his demise. We take a look back at a week that saw Trump attack the family of a U.S. soldier who lost his life in Iraq; the release (some say by the Donald himself) of naked pics of Milania Trump; uneasy "sane" Republicans begin to speak out against Trump; and, the Trumpster's inability to keep his fingers off the Twitter. 

This week also saw the launch of Bernie Sanders's new organization, "Our Revolution," which promised to continue the fight to bring a political revolution to American politics, advancing a progressive agenda. The organization plans on supporting at least 100 candidates for local, state, and national office this fall. Have progressive finally learned that we need to invest in building our institutions for the long term? We shall see. 

Yesterday, the progressive Pramila Jayapal, won the Washington State primary. If her victory is any indication of a shift in the political wins in the country, that's good news for Zephyr Teachout's campaign in New York and Jamie Ruskin's in Maryland. A more progressive Congress in 2017? Just might be. 

We also talk about a newly released Franklin and Marshal poll showing Hillary pulling away from Trump by 11 points in PA. We're seeing similar results across the rust belt states. 
Finally, Sean fills us in on the latest Pizza Boy can release and Kevin "discovers" a hilarious hipster word...a couple years late. All this and more!

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