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Out d’Coup Podcast

Aug 2016

Out d’Coup | Trump off the rails again; new polls good news for Democrats; police shooting in Harrisburg; craft beer now at PA farmers markets, and more!

August 12, 2016

On today’s show we talk about some of the new national and statewide polls that are causing headaches in the Donald Trump presidential campaign. We also dub our weekly discussion of all the insane things Trump does each week, “The Trump (De)Files.” We also take a look at some of the PA polling that shows Katie McGinty taking the lead against the right-wing incumbant, Pat Toomey in the PA Senate race.

In the second segment we talk about a police shooting of Earl Pinckney, a 20 year old African-American man with a history of bipolar disorder. Pinckney was shot through his window in his home on August 7th following reports of a domestic dispute. While the details our complicated, we discuss what we know of the case and what it might mean for policing in this Capital city.

Finally, we talk about PA’s new “liquor modernization law,” Act 39, which, among other things, will allow for PA-based craft brewers to sell their wares at farmers markets. Then Sean gives us the lowdown on the latest Pizza Boy cans that he brought me from the brewery.

This is a special edition of the podcast in that we did it sitting in the same room as we ran a live Google Hangout for the first time!