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Sep 2016

Out d’Coup | Hillary Health Conspiracies; Democrats Seeking Love-Fest with GOP; PA Legislation Update; and, 93% of APSCUF Members Vote to Authorize Strike

September 17, 2016


It’s Sept 16, 2016! Happy Mexican Independence Day! Happy Trail of Tears Commemoration Day! And, Happy Collect Rocks day! And I guess it’s happy Hillary Health Conspiracy Day? 

Today in Trump DeFiles we get an explosion of conspiracy theories about Clinton’s health and the revolt of the deplorables. And what’s up with the national Democrats seeking a love-fest with Republicans. Really? In state news, we've got PA Debit Card Payroll legislation - SB 1265; two so-called “Blue Lives Matters” bills introduced in the PA House; and, the vote is in from APSCUF: 93% of faculty vote to authorize a strike. Negotiations continue today...will we see a strike date set? All that and so much more!