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Jan 2022

Out d’Coup | Sinema Kibosh; Voting Rights; SCOTUS; Sedition Charges; Fraud Electors; Omicron Raging; Bryan Cutler; GOP Goober Candidates; HACC Union Vote; Bucks School Boards; Cultural Last Call

January 14, 2022

Kyrsten Sinema announces that she is willing to kill voting rights legislation because of her love of the filibuster. Her teary-eyed performance on the Senate floor all but sinks hopes to pass voting legislation this year. Schumer says they will begin debate on Tuesday and force the issue.

The U.S. Supreme Court shoots down Biden’s vaccine and testing mandate for private business. 

The leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, is indicted on charges of seditious conspiracy. 

Republicans from at least 5 states forged official elector certificates and sent them into the National Archives and the U.S. Senate ahead of the January 6 insurrection. 

The Republican Party is changing its rules to prevent any GOP presidential candidates from taking part in debates hosted by the Commission for Presidential Debates. 

And the Omicron variant of COVID is predictably swamping the U.S. and the federal government is just getting around to thinking about helping with masks and testing. The should get up and running sometime after the crisis has hit. What do you think? Summer?

Pennsylvania House Speaker Bryan Cutler admitted earlier this week that he was in contact with the Jan 6th Commission.  Makes you wonder who Jim Jordan and Scott Perry were meeting with in Harrisburg while they were attending the Stop the Steal rallies. 

Gubernatorial Candidates Lou Barletta and Charlie Gerow, and Charlie Gerow’s co-worker, Kevin Harley, all signed their names presenting themselves as “electors” on forged documents that were submitted to the Dept of State and the US Library of Congress

Full-time and adjunct faculty members at Harrisburg Area Community College will have their union election from Feb 24 to April 7.  Faculty members at HACC have faced years of anti-union tactics from the administration to delay a union vote.  The school was caught padding their faculty lists with professors who didn’t teach in order to stop the card signing process.  

Central Bucks School District votes to lie that its health and safety play is following CDC guidelines.

Pennridge School District just ignores all guidelines and says everyone back to school after three days, no masks needed.

Pat Poprik, Chair of Bucks County Republican Party, was one of the signers of PA’s false slate of electors. 

And in other news Former House Speaker Mike Turzai is running for Governor.

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