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Oct 2020

Out d’Coup | SCOTUS Hearings; Post-Election Action Plans; PA Mail Voting; Voting Rights Wins; PASSHE Cutting 350 Faculty; Wagner Billboard; Star Trek; Artemis Accords; Mars Convention; Free Will Beer

October 16, 2020

Trump and Biden hold dueling town halls. Looks like our corporate media is playing the money game just like 2016.

SCOTUS hearings for Amy Comey Barrett were pretty much a disaster - for the Democrats. One thing did become clear, however: Diane Feinstein needs to go. It’s time for a clean sweep of the Democratic Party leadership. 

COVID is on the rise again as the White House signals they are embracing the wack-job herd immunity approach to killing more Americans. 

Polls continue to indicate Biden has a huge lead. 

Voter suppression continues.

Get ready for the day after the election. Jonathan Smucker, one of the co-founders of Lancaster Stands-Up, as on the Benjamin Dixon show this week - It would be worth your time to check it out. 

As of this morning, over 680,000 Pennsylvanians have returned their mail-in ballots.  Of those 680,000 ballots, 510,000 came from Democrats while Republicans have only returned 116,000 ballots.

Pennsylvania House Republicans dropped HR 1032 from their agenda after weeks of fight back.  HR 1032 would have allowed Harrisburg Republicans to establish their “election integrity commission” to steal the 2020 election.

In more election-rigging news, multiple Trump lawsuits regarding poll watchers, drop boxes, and satellite voting offices. One lawsuit aimed to stop the Delco County Commissioners from using the Philadelphia Union’s soccer stadium as a location where residents can register to vote, sign up for their mail-in ballots and return their ballots on site. 

Allegheny Dems want Summer Lee and other progressive candidates to pay up, even after they went all-in for their opponents. Sounds to me like the money should be flowing the other direction. 

Bernie Sanders released his endorsements for more than 170 down-ballot races. In PA, Sanders endorsed 11 candidates for the State legislature. We’ll have that list for you. 

The Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Gisele Fetterman, is verbally attacked with racist epithets...and she gets it on tape. And just to prove racists are bi-partisan, a day later, Republican Rep. Aaron Kaufer of Luzerne County found a swastika adorned note on his office door. Kaufer is Jewish. 

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education looks to get rid of upwards of 350 faculty members, mostly from universities in Western PA. APSCUF President Jamie Martin spoke at the Board of Governors meeting this week, exposing the sham narrative being hocked PASSHE Chancellor Greenstein. She tells a different narrative of administrative bloat, mismanagement, and dishonest budgeting practices. You know, the stuff we’ve been sounding the alarm bell for nearly a decade here at Raging Chicken. 

Big anniversary this week: It’s the two year anniversary of Scott Wagner freaking out at a billboard. That was probably the dying breath of his gubernatorial campaign.

It’s here. Last night Star Trek: Discovery returned with Season 3 on CBS All Access. I am totally psyched, but I have to admit I didn’t watch it yet and I’ve had to keep my eyes off my social media. I’ll fill you in next week. 

On Wednesday, American astronaut Kate Rubin, and Russian cosmonauts Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov made a record-breaking trip to the ISS aboard a Soyuz rocket. The crew made it to the space station in just 3 hours, a trip that has taken about 6 hours since 2013. It used to take upwards of two days. The shortened trip is thanks to a new “fast-track” method that only required two orbits before docking with the ISS. 

The 2020 Mars Society Convention is going on now through Sunday. They’ve taken the convention virtual this year and are inviting the public to join in. You can watch the convention live online. Registration is free, but they recommend a $50 donation. Sessions will feature all the notable Marsheads on topics such as “Next Gen power for Marian life,” “Human Rights as a foundation for a Mars bill of rights,” and “The Martian Urban Cell as the unit for Martian settlements.”

Is Mars too out there for ya? Well, closer to home this week the United States and seven other countries signed NASA’s “Artemis Accords,” which set rules for exploring and settling on the Moon.  And, the one big thing that NASA, under the leadership of Jim Bridenstine, wanted to make clear is that countries can own and use resources they extract from the Moon. Let the mining begin. 

It’s a big weekend at Free Will Brewing. Free Will revealed this year’s special versions of Sharing SIze, their amazing imperial milk stout, a collaboration with Breweries in PA. Free Will also released The Future Is, a Traditional German-style Pilsner. Order for Pekasie pick up or delivery to any PA address at https://freewillbrewing.store/.