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Out d’Coup | Rep. Scott Perry on God’s Right to Pollute; Are Pipeline Protesters Jihadists?; Closing in on Trumpovsky and his Bratva; Nunes Freaks Out; Labor Notes; and, Mars

March 24, 2017

It’s Friday, March 24, 2017. Back out East...this is Kevin Mahoney, editor and founder of Raging Chicken Press. Each week I talk to our Capitol muckraker-in-chief, Sean Kitchen, about the good, the bad, and the ugly in state and national politics.

This week in Trumplandia: To Repeal or Not to Repeal...that was the question. Democrats thrown down a Supreme challenge. Do they have the discipline and spine to carry through? Bernie Sanders puts faith in organized resistance in the face of an inept Democratic Party. Pelosi still wedded to losing script. Closing in on Trumpkovsky and his Bratva. Devin Nunes slips out back door of House Intelligence Committee to run and tell Daddy Donald that G-Men are busting the party. Rex Tillerson blows off NATO in favor golf getaway at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort with Chinese president. And, of course, Ivanka gets West Wing office as first “adult child” of a president.

Pennsylvania still a great place to be if you love the crazy. Representative Scott Perry claims EPA is infringing upon God’s right to pollute. A Perry spokesperson took to Facebook to clarify that Perry didn’t mean God creates ALL pollution...just most of it in the Chesapeake Bay. PA State Public Utility Commissioner Robert Powelson says anti-pipeline protesters are engaged in a jihad against natural gas. Will that be enough to get him his sought after Trump appointment? And, still freaked out by fake news and protesting grandma’s, good old boy Daryl Metcalf bans media from press conference on right to work in State Capitol. It was a press conference. Questions still remain if PA GOP used dark magic to open a sinkhole in front of Capitol in an attempt to swallow a bus of citizens prepared to rally against repeal of ACA. Critics say it just might have been years of GOP imposed austerity and neglect of key infrastructure.  

Meanwhile, Senator Casey seems to be growing into his spine. Just in time, too as it looks like conservative rebranded moderate Representative Charlie Dent may be throwing in his hat to challenge Casey in 2018. Tomorrow, Philadelphia hosts a Labor Notes Troublemakers School. I’ll be there and will be part of a panel talking APSCUF strike.

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