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Nov 2017

Out d’Coup | Huge Election Victories for Dems, DSA, and Our Revolution; More GOP Pedofilia in AL; Dems Still Pissed at Donna Brazile; Kutztown Professor Targeted by Right-Wing; TONS of beer news!

November 10, 2017

On today’s show, we’ve got our election day wrap up as Democrats and DSA members win big in Pennsylvania and across the country. Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore called out for sexually assaulting minors when he was the assistant District Attorney. Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler says it’s just like Joseph and Mary. Why is Chuck Schumer “looking out” for his “Republican friends.” Donna Brazile’s book continues to piss off Democrats. Huge electoral wins across the country. Big wins in Virginia, including a huge win by Lee Carter - a proud DSA member - who toppled VA Majority Whip, Republican Jackson Miller. Danica Roem became the first-ever transgender woman to be elected to state-wide office in VA. She beat out the crusty Republican, Robert Marshall, who was the leading voice behind the discriminatory bathroom bills targeting transgender men and women. Virginia Democrats also come close to flipping the House of Delegates. We’ll run through some of the huge wins by DSA members and Our Revolution endorsed candidates. Lots of reverse coattails this election. How significant are these wins? We’ll talk about this more on today’s members-only show.

Chester County and Delco Democrats win historic elections. Lehigh Valley Democrats win big. Both Pittsburgh DSA endorsed candidates win local judge races. Former Green Party member Michael Helfrich becomes the next mayor of York - winning on the Republican ticket. Shout out to Raging Chicken’s newest writer, Vanessa Baker, for her reporting on that race. “Unelectable” Larry Krasner wins HUGE - 40 point win against Republican Beth Grossman. Dr. Colleen Clemens from our friends over at Inside 254 podcast is now getting trolled by right-wing freaks after she tweets about “toxic masculinity” following the horrific shooting in Texas this past weekend. Following her interview with the Washington Free Beacon, she has now been targeted by Infowars, Daily Wire, and other publications sponsored by the demons of the deep.

Lots of beer news from Brewed and Bottled Craft Beer Shop on the New York/Canadian border. Shout out to Beer Belly Deli & Pub in Syracuse for the awesome grub and freshly tapped cask samples. Free Will releasing their annual cancer awareness collab, Saison de Rose this week. Lord Business will be hitting shelves soon. Saucony Creek hit their crowdfunding goal. Full steam ahead for their first ever crowler release. Pizza Boy released Eternal Sunshine, Doughboy, and Trung Latte this week. That an so much more.