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Apr 2020

Out d’Coup | GOP Death Cult Foot Soldiers in H’burg; Bailouts; Higher Ed Cuts; Planet of Humans; Pelosi’s Ice Cream; Fox News Spreaders; Hubble’s 30th; Free Will Releases

April 24, 2020

The foot soldiers of the GOP death cult were out in force in Harrisburg and other cities across the country this week. Sean was on the ground with the pro-virus spreader troops. It wasn’t pretty.  

Remember those billions of dollars in last week’s round of bailouts that was supposed to keep mom-and-pop small businesses afloat? Well, according to new research from Morgan Stanley, about $243.4 million dollars of that money went to quite a few publicly traded companies, several that have market values in excess of $100 million.  

The money for that small business bailout program - known as the Paycheck Protection Program - ran out of money last Thursday. On Tuesday night of this week, the Senate passed a new $484 billion relief package. Dems got squat. 

Several states are looking to slash funding to public higher education in order to pay for skyrocketing unemployment rolls and falling tax revenue from the shutdown. 

The right-wing Heritage Foundation released a  “National Coronavirus Recovery Commission” report that calls for the elimination of public schools and the removal of teacher certification requirements along with its traditional right-wing wish list. It’s a shock doctrine play, taking the blueprint from Hurricane Katrina national. 

Good thing the White House has the real experts working on its pandemic task force. Reuters just broke the news that back in January Alex Azar - the corporate shill posing as the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services - appointed one such expert to head the task force: Brian Harrison. Harrison’s years of expertise were in breeding Labradoodles. 

Elizabeth Warren’s oldest brother, Don Reed, died from COVID-19 on Tuesday evening. 

Michael Moore releases a new film by his long time friend and collaborator Jeff Gibbs on his YouTube page for free. The film, The Planet of the Humans, is a scathing documentary about the collaboration between Big Green organizations and Woke Capitalism to dupe us all. I watched it last night with the help of my friends at Free Will. It was a doozy. 

Nancy Pelosi goes on the Late, Late Show with James Cordon and shows the world her chocolate, ice cream, and pair of $20,000 refrigerators. 

Coming off her chocolate high, Pelosi bypasses Katie Porter to oversee the stimulus funds in favor of her old friends Donna Shalala. After all, Shalala has Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” on her phone./ 

A new study shows that Sean Hannity’s show helps spread the coronavirus. Thanks Fox. 

Happy 30th Birthday, Hubble telescope. There’s a new Science Channel documentary released last Sunday called, "Hubble: Thirty Years of Discovery."

The first spotted lanternfly was spotted in PA. Time to get stomping. 

Free Will has Mango Wheat back in stock. You can get that and more at Free Will’s online store.