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Aug 2017

Out d’Coup | ACA Repeal Dead?; Bernie Introducing Single-Payer Bill; Millennials Largest Voting Bloc; Fairness Center Carpetbaggers; Barletta’s In; Severance Tax; Space News and More!

August 3, 2017

Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare, dead. Zombie repeal lives on. Bernie Sanders goes on CNN to announce he’s moving forward with a single-payer bill. Meanwhile, House Democrats are already moving on a Medicare for All plan with HR 676. As of today, 116 Democrats have signed on to the bill, including all five from Pennsylvania. Those same House Democrats vow not to withhold funding for anti-abortion candidates. Stephen Miller tells the press Trump’s new immigration plan is not racist, you cosmopolitan idiots. Puts a stake in Statue of Liberty mythology along the way. The Mooch got screwed. Trump Organization prepared to start a trade war with China on Friday. Trump-loving gun fetishist calls for shoot protesters at Trump’s Huntington, West Virginia rally today. And, Millennials are now the largest voting bloc according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

The Fairness Center along with other Commonwealth Foundation and Koch Brother groups are suing teachers...and carpetbagging from Oklahoma? You bet. Lou Barletta set to officially join the clown car on Friday. Much heralded natural gas severance tax in PA budget negotiations will force the DEP to privatize fracking permits. Governor Tom “Carbon” Wolf doesn’t believe the environment will be weakened. The Stand encampment in Lancaster County will have to find a new location to resist the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline. The 107-acre farm was just sold to Williams, the pipeline company. Can’t imagine pipeline protesters will be welcome. Lancaster Against Pipelines says, "The Stand is not a property. It's a vibrant grassroots movement." The fight goes on.

In today’s last call: Southern and tropical birds seen in Central Pennsylvania. No climate change here, Governor Wolf. Space Fest this weekend at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in NYC. The ethics of exploring Mars. “Let’s not use Mars as a backup planet,” says Lucianne Walkowicz from the Chicago based Adler Planetarium. Checking in with Woodland Farm Brewery and Fulton Chain Craft Brewery next week. And, Sean gives us the full wedding recap.

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