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Nov 2017

Out d’Coup Xtra | Noam Chomsky Interview from November 22, 2011

November 24, 2017

We didn’t want to leave you without a show this week, so we decided to give you a bit of a treat for Thanksgiving. Today you’re going to hear our first Raging Chicken interview from back in November 2011. Raging Chicken Press was just about four months old, but we were able to score an interview the day after he spoke at Kutztown University for World Philosophy Day.

We talked about the Occupy Movement - then in its second month of occupations around the country; social movements in the wake of the Tea Party victories and the Wisconsin Uprising; and the role of the university in social movements.

I’ll warn you ahead of time that the audio is less than stellar. Frankly, we were learning on the fly and our interview location was really noisy. But, still, it was a great talk that we wanted to share with you again as left political organizing is on the rise.