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Dec 2017

Out d’Coup Xtra | Collaborative Podcast with Inside 254! We Talk Sexual Misconduct in PA Capitol; Believing Women; and, the Opportunity to Organize for Power

December 22, 2017

We have a special Out d'Coup Xtra for you as the New Year fast approaches. Today Sean and I are joined by Amanda Morris and Colleen Clemens from Inside 254 Podcast! It's our first-ever collaborative podcast and it's a good one! We talk about recent allegations of sexual misconduct in Pennsylvania state government and the need to hold the PA Democratic Party to account for its role in perpetuating a culture of repressive sexism. We also talk about why its necessary to start by believing the women who are speaking out against sexual misconduct and a toxic sexist culture. As more pressure is brought to bear on state and national legislators, we see hope in organizing efforts emerging in communities across the state. 

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