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Dec 2017

Out d’Coup | Tax Bill Disaster; Toomey’s Bucket List; Turning Point USA Scandal; J20; Dems Cave on DACA; Collab with Inside 254; Space News; Beer, and more!

December 22, 2017

Yes, Rep. Tom Cole, a God did make Republicans to cut taxes. A demon God, but a God nonetheless. Pat Toomey celebrates crossing off another item on his bucket list with the passage of the GOP tax disaster bill. Turning Point USA - that billionaire-backed dark money group looking to bring extreme right-wing politics to college Student Government is embroiled in a scandal. Jane Mayer tells the story in the New Yorker. The first group of J20 protestors found not guilty. 

We preview our collaborative podcast with Inside 254 talking about sexual misconduct allegations in the State Capitol, toxic masculinity, and positive signs of organizing for power. 

In today's last call, Galactic Capitalists starting their lobbying campaigns to call for full privatization of space. Need a last minute Xmas gift? Look no further than this son-of-a-Koch, Wyatt. He's got some shirts to sell. Free Will's ready for the holidays. Pizza Boy's special releases, and more!