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Nov 2021

Out d‘Coup LIVE | Nick Marcil on ending K-12 school lunch debt in Bucks County

November 29, 2021

On today’s show, I welcome Nick Marcil back to the show. Nick Marcil is a second-year Master's Student of Higher Education Policy & Student Affairs at West Chester University. He is a member of the PA Debt Collective Member, and Co-Founder of PASSHE Defenders. The PA Debt Collectives has joined forces with BuxMont DSA and Lower Bucks for Change to form the Bucks Cancel Lunch Debt Coalition. The coalition is working to raise awareness about K-12 school lunch debt and empower local residents to collectively seek ways to end this problem so that no student goes hungry or feels ashamed for needing food.

The Bucks Cancel Lunch Debt Coalition launched its first campaign focusing on the Bristol Borough School District, and for good reason. According to data from the School District, 212 students in the approximately 1,200-student district owe a total of $15,875.31. Seventy-five students owe more than $50. In Bristol Township School District, 922 of approximately 6,200 students owe a total of $113,085. Seven hundred and seventy two students owe more than $50.

As the coalition put it in a recent editorial in The Courier Times, “The BCLDC hopes to organize local students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community members to help free kids and their families from this debt and seek long-term solutions so that no child has to go hungry or be shamed and embarrassed for not being able to afford lunch.”

Info to join meeting Friday, Dec. 3 @ 5pm: https://buxmontdsa.org/events/cancel-lunch-debt/

Email: nolunchdebt@gmail.com

Op-Ed: Bucks County Courier Times