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May 2022

Out d’Coup LIVE | Kierstyn Zolfo, PA Indivisible Legislative Chair, unmasking Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick in #PA01

May 30, 2022

Tonight, I welcome Kierstyn Zolfo back to the show. Kierstyn is the PA Indivisible Legislative Chair and Bucks County organizer. We'll be ripping the moderate mask of Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick by digging into is anti-abortion record, his "election integrity" gaslighting, his use of "alternative facts" to cover his unpopular votes, and his relationship with the Philly Republican ballot harvester. 

What, that's not enough? Maybe we'll add in his "surprise" visit to Ukraine while still refusing to hold town halls for his constituents in the #PA01. We'll also highlight her latest article in the Bucks County Beacon, "Rep Brian Fitzpatrick's Use of Dirty Campaign Money is Shameful." And maybe, just maybe, we'll talk about why re-electing Brian Fitzpatrick this fall will bolster Republican's efforts to repeal many of the gains of the 20th century.


  • Channel Your Rage - Info and Resource session by Indivisible Lanbertville/New Hope: https://indivisiblelnh.com/
  • "Rep Brian Fitzpatrick's Use of Dirty Campaign Money is Shameful," in the Bucks County Beacon.

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