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Jul 2022

Out d’Coup LIVE for July 18, 2022 | William Horne on his new article about our fascism problem and the need to name it

July 18, 2022

On this week's show, I welcome William Horne back to the show to talk about his new article, "Why I Use the 'F' Word (and You Should Too)." Horne is an Arthur J. Ennis Postdoctoral Fellow at Villanova University & co-founder of the Activist History Review. He just launched a new newsletter on substack, In Case of Emergency, that will be a space to engage critical anti-fascist thinkers; expose the history and growing threat of fascism in the U.S.; and, amplify the ways disrupt systems of exploitation the far-right are actively working to permanently codify in American culture and governance.

You can check out his newsletter at https://drwilliamhorne.substack.com/ and you can check out all the great work over at the Activist History Review at  https://activisthistory.com/

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