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Jan 2022

Out d’Coup LIVE | Amy Knecht and Ross McLennan - A Bucks County Roundtable

January 17, 2022

Bucks County continues to be at the center of some disturbing politics. School board races in Central Bucks , Pennridge, Palisades, and Pennsbury made national news for right-wing, extremism rallying against sensible COVID mitigating strategies, diversity in our curricula, and inclusivensss in our classrooms. Organizers across Bucks County did amazing work on school board and municipal campaigns. But as we enter the 2022 election cycle, organizers are continuing the work of building power. 

Tonight I welcome three Bucks County activists Amy Knecht, Emily French, and Ross McLennan. All three of them were active in this past fall’s school board elections. They are also active members of our Raging Chicken community.  Amy, Emily, and Ross join me for a roundtable discussion about "what's up with Bucks?" We'll reflect on this past year's election and look forward to the organizing ahead.

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