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Jul 2022

Friday Politics Roundup | J6 Hearings Finale; Climate Crisis; Moms for Liberty Meet; Respect for Marriage Act; Higher Ed Workers Bailing; Democratic Billionaires F’ing Things Up

July 22, 2022

NOTE: The audio was lost after the break around the 59 minute mark. If I can figure out what happened and can correct, I'll post it later. The first hour of the show is fine. Sorry that you're not going to hear the discussion of the Mastriano campaign, Buck County GOP official heading to jail, and cool new D&D stuff!

The January 6th Committee brought part 1 of their public hearings to a close last night by showing the world what Donald Trump DIDN’T do during the insurrection. We also got to see tough guy Josh Hawley running from the mob like a frightened bunny. 

Yes, the climate is in crisis. It’s not something that will happen; it’s happening. The UK saw record-setting temperatures of 104 degrees and much of Western Europe and the United States experienced and continue to experience extreme heat. 

Moms for Liberty held its first national conference this week in Florida and pledged to deepen their assault on school boards and multiracial democracy. Florida Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair, Senator Rick Scott, headlined the event. 

A new survey finds that more than half of higher education workers are making plans to leave their jobs or academe altogether. 57.2% said they were somewhat likely to leave their jobs while about 35% said they are likely or very likely to get out within the next 12 months. 

The House voted to codify marriage equality into law with the “Respect for Marriage Act.”. Will Democratic Senate leaders fumble the ball? 

And, writing in The Guardian, Steve Phillips is asking the right question: Why are Democratic billionaires backing white candidates over better candidates of color? As he writes, “not only is it a bad look and a continuation of institutional racism in a party that is nearly half people of color, but, most immediately is bad electoral politics”