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Out d’Coup | Hurricane Devastation; Trump’s New Friends “Chuck and Nancy”; Russian Hackers on FB; Sen. Wagner and LaRouche; PA Budget; DACA; PA Student Power; Space News and More!

September 8, 2017

Hurricane devastation continues. Texas residents are barely digging out from Harvey as Irma - the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the open Atlantic - is slated to smash into Florida as a category 4 storm on Sunday. The storm has already claimed at least 19 lives in the Carribean. Meanwhile, the Harvey death toll topped 70. Houston area first responders are now suing chemical plant Arkema for negligence in plant’s explosion. At least 30 companies have now reported toxic spills in Harvey’s wake.

Trump makes friends with Chuck and Nancy. Paul Ryan taken to the woodshed, according to Lou Dobbs. What’s this mean for the Democratic party and the 2018 elections? Facebook admits that Russian hackers bought at least $100,000 in ads in an attempt to influence. One of first troll accounts was a fake Harrisburg resident. Rachel Maddow finally forced to get off the Russia, Russia, Russia beat...walks through the history of alt-right and Republican party.

Senator Soprano - Scott Wagner, has got a soft spot for Lyndon LaRouche, at least when it comes to opening his checkbook. Was it LaRouche’s Holocaust denial or his “The British are Coming” conspiracy that did it for ya, Scottie? PA Republicans planning to cut millions in hazardous waste programs to solve budget problems. Huge DACA protests across the state. Man arrested at Toomey televised town hall for asking questions about DACA. Charlie Dent gets out of the game. John Taylor out too. Tracking down the paper trail on alt-right Evan McLaren. And, PA Student Power Network organizing for free tuition at Pennsylvania’s public universities.

In space news, NASA researchers looking to the 19th century to land a rover on Venus. Ever read Wiliam Gibson’s The Difference Engine, or grooved on steampunk? NASA has. On Sept. 15th we’ll have to say goodbye to the Saturn orbiter, Cassini. Beginning Sept. 13, NASA will begin live webcasts about the program leading up to Cassini’s live-streamed plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere. Sean’s got a new Out d’Coup extra planned for next week on the anniversary of the 1897 Lattimer Mine Massacre near Hazleton, PA. And, what the hell is Verrit anyway and who cares?

Special shout out to Old Man and Skinny Guy - awesome new gaming podcast just launched last week. Go check them out on podbean HERE or check out their website RIGHT HERE.