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Out d’Coup | Forward from Charlottesville; Refuse Fascism Nov. 4; Trump Still Trump; Sen. Wagner on Nazis; Sen. Martin’s Anti-Protest Bill; Alt Right on Campus; the Eclipse; and so much more!

August 24, 2017

Reflecting on Charlottesville. Is it time for regime change in the U.S.? If the organization Refuse Fascism has anything to say about it November 4th is "go time." Boston is still strong and Phoenix is rising in resistance to neo-nazis and the alt right. Alt right celebrities and anti-Muslim organizations cancel rallies and retreat to their internet safe spaces. Trump continues to be Trump. Business leaders bail on his Manufacturing Council. Bannon forced out? Or maybe, he finished what he needed to do inside the White House. Now it’s back to Breitbart to pressure from the outside.

State Senator Scott Martin moves ahead with his anti-protest bill. Senator Soprano...Scott Wagner, mimics Trump, forgetting to condemn nazi violence in Charlottesville. The big question remains does he have black friends too? Philly, Lancaster, Carlisle and other PA cities draw thousands in solidarity with Charlottesville and resistance to fascism. PA Student Power Network holds first statewide leadership training retreat ahead of the start of the school year. PA has the largest number of anti-government militias in the U.S. Sean survives the ETown Fair. And, Daryl Metcalfe just couldn’t take the heat, so he blocked Sean on Twitter. Open Records challenge coming soon? We shall see.

In today’s last call we’ll talk staring at the sun during the eclipse, space, and beer.

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