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Out d’Coup | Thursday Night Special! D.C. is Officially Off the Rails; State Policy Network Plans; Daryl Metcalfe Power Grab; Mini Bats for Schools; Colleen Bradley Case; and, so much more!

Mahoney is in State College, PA for APSCUF's last Legislative Assembly of the academic year. Last big meeting to talk about the impending Janus decision. 

State Policy Network releases memo attacking striking school teachers. Pittsburgh teachers vs lower income parents and children is the State Policy Network plan. 

Daryl Metcalfe eviscerates gerrymandering reform and replaces it with a power grab. Millcreek Township School District gives 500 mini bats to teachers in order to stop an active shooter. Sticks and stones is how we role in the Keystone state. Colleen Bradley whistleblower case update.

Yellow crowned night herons return to Harrisburg.  Midtown neighborhood is the location of their only breeding colony in the state is located. Pretty cool. And, Sean is moving on to bigger and better things...movin' on up!


Out d’Coup | Trump B Trump; Ricky Vaughn Doxed; PA GOP Ready to Impeach Supremes?; Fairness Center Gets Cozy with Wagner; PA Student Power Rocks; Push Poll in PA 7; Colleen Bradley; Beer and more!

On today's show...more Trump chaos. Alt-right Twitter troll "Ricky Vaughn" doxed by white nationalist running against Paul Ryan. 

Watch out for House State Government Committee to vote on PA Supremes impeachment resolutions next week as the committee has two hearings scheduled on Tuesday.  One hearing is at 10:00 am and the other at the “call of the chair." The Fairness Center sets up shop one floor above Scott Wagner’s campaign office. Christina Hartman drops out of PA 10. Push Poll targets Greg Edwards and Susan Wild in PA 7 but forgot to mention John Morganelli. 

Rally for Tuition-Free higher education at West Chester University. Turning Point USA will hold a big event at IUP on Monday. PA Student Power has called a statewide day of action on Monday, April 9 for every campus to denounce and deny school funding to hate groups. Students and Faculty rally to get rid of Edinboro U president H. Fred Walker. This week Raging Chicken released Part 1 of Kevin Mahoney's interview with whistleblower Colleen Bradley. We update you on her case and discuss its national implications. 

In today's last call...lighter lagers for Sean. Kevin makes a trip to Marcy Discount Beverages in Utica, NY and harvests some goodies. Celebratory Bourbon Barrel Aged Dragonslayer 2017


Out d’Coup Xtra | EXCLUSIVE interview with West Chester U Whistleblower Colleen Bradley and Lawyer Dan Kearney. Are they U.S. Supreme Court Bound?

On today’s Out d’Coup Xtra, Kevin Mahoney interviews Colleen Bradley and her lawyer, Dan Kearney, about her whistleblower case that is knocking on the door of the U.S. Supreme Court. Colleen Bradley was the former Director of Budget and Financial Planning at West Chester University who blew the whistle in 2014 about fraudulent budget practices at WCU and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. When she outed the fraud to the university community, she was fired. Bradley’s suit initially appeared to be a textbook case of an employer retaliating against an employee for blowing the whistle on corruption and financial malpractice. However, the U.S. Third Circuit Court denied Bradley First Amendment whistleblower protection in a manner that threatens to dramatically narrow whistleblower protections for every public employee in the nation. Bradley is in the process of filing a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court to review the lower court’s decision.

If the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review the lower court’s decision, the rights of public employees - and all potential whistleblowers - will be gutted.

Raging Chicken Press reported on Colleen Bradley’s case when she filed her 62-page complaint against West Chester University and PASSHE in 2015. The documents Bradley filed confirmed Raging Chicken’s ongoing reporting on PASSHE’s dishonest and deceptive budgeting schemes (e.g. “Wall Street on the Susquehanna”; “PASSHE’s Austerity Magic”; and, “The Persistence of Crisis at KU”). Her case also provided concrete evidence in support of an independent audit commissioned by the faculty union APSCUF in late 2014, which raised concerned about PASSHE’s creative accounting practices. And yet, despite reams of evidence, the people responsible for the fraud at West Chester and other PASSHE universities have not been held accountable and, as the recently released “Bunsis Report” showed, the same deceptive practices continue.

And now, PASSHE’s decision to retaliate against Colleen Bradley for blowing the whistle on their deceptions has the additional consequence of putting all future whistleblowers at risk. Today’s Out d’Coup Xtra focuses on the legal issues at stake in her First Amendment whistleblower case. Raging Chicken is also conducting in-depth interviews with Bradley and her lawyers. We will be releasing those interviews in the coming days.


Out d’Coup Xtra | Seth Goldstein Reports from #MarchForOurLives in Doylestown; Interviews with Student Organizers

On March 24, 2018, millions of people across the country - and the globe - turned out for #MarchForOurLives to end the gun violence that infections our nation. Raging Chicken's Seth Goldstein was on the streets of Doylestown, PA talking to student organizers about why they are marching and the change they seek to bring about. 


Out d’Coup | Cambridge Analytica; Guccifer 2.0; Warhawk John Bolten; IL GOP Nominates Nazi; March for Our Lives; PA GOP Courts Extremists; Impeaching Supremes; Edwards Momentum; School Stoning; More!

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wiley gives us a window into the political persuasion industry and the way Steve Bannon and right-wing billionaire Robert Mercer weaponize data.  Hidden cameras capture Cambridge Analytica’s CEO Alexander Nix boasting about using prostitutes, bribery sting operations, and honey traps to discredit politicians. Following what seemed like an endless silence, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for what he calls “mistakes” made when it comes to sharing third-party data. And as the Washington Post began reporting this week, Facebook was certainly not alone. David Remnick of The New Yorker says the case amounts to a “moral reckoning” in Silicon Valley. And last night, the Daily Beast broke the news that Guccifer 2.0 was traced back to a Russian intelligence officer. Guccifer was exposed after the officer forgot to turn on the VPN client before logging on.

More chaos in the White House as Trump boots National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and brings in the war-hawk John Bolton. Bolton has openly advocated for war against Iran and North Korea. The “former U.N. Ambassador” under George W. Bush was famous for saying that “There is no such thing as the United Nations” and “If the U.N. Secretariat building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn’t make a lot of difference.” This week Trump’s lead lawyer in the Special Counsel Inquiry, John Dowd, resigned after a reported “disagreement on strategy.” Trump turns once again to Fox News for his replacement. He named the conspiracy pushing pundit Joseph diGenova and, apparently, his Clinton-uranium-mine-conspiracy advocate wife Victoria Toensing, to join legal televangelist Jay Sekulow, to round out his legal team. And this just in...apparently Trump is threatening to veto the spending bill because no money for his beautiful wall.

Illinois Nazi Arthur Jones is now a Congressional candidate for the Republican Party after more than 20,000 Illinois Republicans voted for this open Nazi. [Blues Brothers quote]. Somehow saying “I just voted the straight-party ticket,” doesn’t really cut it when it comes to voting for an ACTUAL Nazi. And tomorrow, March 24, is the gun control action March for Our Lives in DC and cities around the country. The D.C. march will be spearheaded by the students from Parkland, Florida. Meanwhile, Pennridge high school students face the second of six rounds of detention Saturday morning. Last weekend supporters showed up ahead of the detentions in support of students who joined the national student walkout on March 14. The NRA also showed up. More solidarity actions are expected this weekend, but there are concerns that the national attention received by the Pennridge students will draw greater numbers of right-wing extremists as well.

In Pennsylvania, state GOP caught canvassing at a gun rally put on by Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia. If you need a refresher, those are the groups that provided security for white nationalists and racists in Charlottesville. In signs that the grassroots resistance that emerged following the 2016 election is firmly rooted in PA, 94 candidates filed petitions for Pennsylvania’s congressional primary.  That’s the most in 25 years. Chris Dush and ten other Republicans introduce articles of impeachment against Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices over their gerrymandering decision. Gubernatorial candidate Senator Soprano...I mean Wagner is on board. Greg Edwards picks up to more big endorsements. Democracy for America and 350 Action are now backing his as well. And as you heard in today’s intro, the Superintendent of Blue Mountain schools is deploying “buckets of river stones” in every classroom so students can stone attackers. Go on Susie...just like David and Goliath.

In today’s last call, Pizza Boy put on a six-pack called “Get a Grip.” And Free Will is teasing a huge canning project and an upcoming Mojito Sour. That’s about it this week as we were buried under a foot of snow.


Out d’Coup | Computer Crash Special! Conor Lamb and the PA18; Pennridge High School Detentions; West Chester U Whistleblower Case Has National Implications; Beer News and more!

It's been a week dominated by a computer crash at Raging Chicken studios. The frustrations are front and center in today's abbreviated show. We talk Conor Lamb's huge victory in this week's special election in the PA-18. About 225 students at Pennridge High School are given detention following Wednesday's walkout. Sean is heading to check out the gun nuts at a rally at the Capitol today. And, Kevin previews how a West Chester University whistleblower case may have national implications for rights at work, not to mention the truth.


Out d’Coup | WV Teacher Strike; Revolt Against Austerity; Trump Tailspin; Connor Lamb Leading in PA 18; SEIU Endorses Edwards in PA 7; Next for Bunsis Report; Beer and Beer Bread; Space News & More!

West Virginia wildcat strikers take the day, winning a 5% pay raise not only for themselves but for all state workers. More importantly, their massively popular strike is waking the sleeping giant of militant labor as teachers in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and even Arizona begin discussing and planning for their own state-wide walkouts. Will this signal the beginning of a revolt against austerity and shock doctrine politics?

If the teachers of Appalachia are showing the way to a progressive future, a Florida teacher was attempting to take us backward. Raw Story reports that the Florida teacher ran a white supremacist podcast and openly bragged about indoctrinating her students. Gotta wonder of Betsy DeVos will be weighing in on this one after 2017 CPAC speech claiming teachers and faculty were telling students what to think.

The Trump Organization continues its tailspin with more resignations, criminal charges, and incoherent policy initiatives. Trump signs orders to impose tariffs, leading to some awkward pictures of Trump buddying up to Steelworkers. The GOP barely has time to register its outrage at Trump’s order before senior South Korean officials gave a presser outside the White House, announcing that Trump is ready to have a sit down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions suing California over sanctuary laws, setting off a standoff between Federal Gov’t power and State rights. And, as if on cue, Trump supporters caught on tape threatening to burn down a progressive bookstore in Berkeley. International Women’s Day/Strike sees huge demonstrations and strikes around the world. In Spain alone, millions turn out for International Women’s Strike. And, a columnist in the Washington Post says it’s time to give socialism a try.

This coming week will see if Godly Heritage beats Nancy’s Little Lamb as Rick Saccone is neck in neck with Connor Lamb in Tuesday’s special election for the PA 18th. Does the election say anything about the so-called “Blue Wave” expected in 2018?

Greg Edwards, running for a House seat in Lehigh Valley’s new 7th district picks up a huge endorsement from SEIU’s Statewide Council. Edwards adds that to a growing list of progressive endorsements including Justice Democrats, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Make the Road PA, Women’s March Pennsylvania, Common Defense, Working Families, and The Collective. Edwards is running against a right-wing, anti-immigrant Democrat in the primary. In many ways, the Democratic Primary in the PA-7th will be as much if not more of a bellwether for the future of the Democratic Party in the state as any other race. The SEIU endorsement comes days after the DCCC tried to get Edwards, the only candidate of color, to drop out of the PA 7th race. That would have essentially handed the party’s endorsement to the anti-immigrant Democrat. And Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski finally resigns after being found guilty on 47 of 54 charges tied to 9 pay-to-play corruption schemes.

And what happened to the Bunsis Report? Check out RCPress coverage since 2011

In today’s last call, we talk...bread? YES! Beer Bread from Bread Box and Bakery in Perkasie! It's available EVERY Wednesday. It's made with @freewillbrewing seven-course red ale for the hydration. We also use some of the spent grain for body. They also have Irish Soda Bread now through St. Patty’s day. Free Will released Cloudy with a Chance of Charcuterie in 16 oz cans this week. It's an awesome New England-style IPA  coming in at 7.0% ABV. 4-Packs Available at both locations. Steven Hawking says it's time to become an interplanetary species if we want the human race to survive. And, Sean thought it was a great idea to poke the Jill Stein beehive this morning. All that, and so much more. 


Out d’Coup | Janus Roundup; WV Teacher Strike; GEO on Strike; DCCC Consultant Fail; Going after Supremes; Rep. Miccarelli Accused of Rape; PASSHE Budget; Student Power; Fanboy Kevin; Beer, & More!

The nation got a window into what a post-Janus labor movement needs to look like. West Virginia Teachers looked like they got a win on Tuesday after for days of statewide strikes. But teachers and education workers remain on strike as the State Senate balks at the modest salary increases negotiated between the governor and the union. Graduate students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign got the message. Members of the Graduate Employee Organization enter day five of their strike after nearly a year of negotiations broke down over tuition waivers, salary, and graduate student rights. The strike is now the longest in the university’s history.

The Intercept reports that the DCCC hired a consultant to do some internal polling; the consultant report actively discourages the party and party candidates from supporting single-payer health care. The kicker? The polling didn’t ask Democrats about single-payer. Also in The Intercept this week, the Koch Brothers are winning big league under Trump. Internal documents from the Koch Brothers network show that they are celebrating the rollback of corporate regulations, the withdrawal from the Paris Accord on Climate Change, and the billionaire-loving tax reform package. At least Paul Ryan is happy. According to the Intercept, “Days after the tax bill passed, Charles Koch and his wife donated $500,000 to Speaker Paul Ryan’s joint fundraising leadership PAC.”

California passes automatic voter registration for 16 and 17 year-olds. That’s going to be huge. That’s all good given this week’s freak warming in the Arctic, today’s arrival of the second “bomb cyclone” of 2018, and rare and deadly winter storms across Europe. If that’s not enough, Putin put on a dog-and-pony show announcing Russia’s new “invincible” nuclear weapons. To thunderous applause in the Duma, we should say. Oh, almost forgot. Hey, Hope. White Lies Matter.

Pennsylvania Republicans still trying to get the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out new state Congressional maps. Justice Alito denied them last time. We await his ruling this time around. Conor Lamb and Rick Saccone now in a dead heat in PA’s 18th district special election as boatloads of right-wing money pours into the race according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That election is March 13. Madeline Dean now running in the PA 4th. Daylin Leach drops out. Boo hoo.

Delco Republican Nick Miccarelli is accused of drugging, raping and threatening women a gun in prior relationships. Miccarelli decides threatening a reporter is a good response to the charges. A dozen or two PA House and Senate members and their staffers are packing heat in the Capitol. That’s comforting.

The Philly School Reform Commission votes to spend $20 million for cyberlearning. Students from NEPA school district relocated on Wednesday due to an AR-15 blessing ceremony at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church run by the cultish Hyung Jin Moon. Some participants even donned crowns of bullets.

PASSHE budget hearings in the State Senate demonstrate how deep the anti-union sentiment is on the budget committee and in PASSHE administration. Wagner threatens to shut down PASSHE universities. State Senator calls Wagner’s statements irresponsible, calling for a path toward free college tuition in the state instead. PASSHE Chancellor Karen Whitney calls collective bargaining “out of whack.”

Students from PA Student Power Network were out in force on Wednesday, holding actions to defend DACA and push for a clean DREAM act. They held actions at TWELVE locations across the state, including actions at the offices of Senator Bob Casey, Rep. Brendan Boyle in Montgomery County, Rep. Mike Kelly in Erie, Rep. Bob Brady’s office in Philly, and, of course, Rep. Lou Barletta’s office in Harrisburg, demanding justice for all 11 million undocumented immigrants!

In today’s Last Call, I’m going total political fan-boy with Sarah Kendzior and Francesca Fiorentini this week. You’ve got to check out Fiorentini’s “Why the Rich Love Destroying Unions” on her AJ+ Newsbroke on FB and YouTube. And Kendzior was on freaking fire on the Rick Smith Show on Thursday. Free Will has released Love Letter from the 90s again. If you missed it last time, don’t miss this. And tomorrow, March 3, is Saucony Creek’s 5th Anniversary/Birthday party from 11 am to 10 pm. It’s an all-ages fest and The Unicorn will be released. Bands include Hannah Violet from 12-3pm and regional fave Frog Holler from 3-6pm.


Out d’Coup | Students Against NRA; WV Teachers Walk Out; Working People’s Day of Action; MO Freak Gov.; PA Map Fight; Wagner Wants to Close PASSHE Schools; Greg Edwards; CollegeForAllPA.org; and more!

On today’s show, students bring the hurt on the NRA and show politicians what a spine looks like. Florida lawmakers take baby steps toward introducing mild gun bills today. And, as you might expect, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre, goes off into fantasyland at CPAC, claiming Kamala Harris and Corey Booker are socialists looking to infiltrate the government. The worst thing is, he has no idea how funny that actually is. West Virginia teachers go on two-day, state-wide strike showing the rest of the labor movement what it's going to need to do in the coming years. Saturday, February 24th is the Working People’s Day of Action around the country. Rallies are scheduled from coast to coast ahead of Monday’s Supreme Court arguments in Janus v. AFSCME. Rick Gates, former Trump campaign official and lapdog to Paul Manafort, gets rolled. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens thinks threatening his mistress with naked bondage pictures will keep her mouth shut. Instead, she says #MeToo and exposes him. A nation of immigrants? Not anymore, as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services alters its mission.


In Pennsylvania, all hell broke loose at the State Supreme Court released new Congressional maps. PA GOP gets aid from Senator Pat Toomey (who may or may not be of this planet), in a push to impeach the justices, claiming their imposition of new Congressional maps is “unconstitutional” and “a power grab.” The new maps are VERY interesting, especially if we look at Greg Edwards’ campaign in the new Lehigh Valley district. Rick Saccone will go bye-bye. Interim PASSHE Chancellor Karen Whitney decides the best way to argue for the public higher education is to: 1) raise tuition; 2) say faculty are arrogant; and, 3) claim that students really don’t care about their educational experience, they just want a damn degree. Really? In budget hearings this week, State Senator Scott Wagner says he wants to shut down PASSHE universities. PA Student Power Network launches CollegeForAllPA.org. The statewide student group is pressuring lawmakers and candidates to sign a pledge for free college tuition. And, it’s PSSA testing time. Kevin gives a testimonial.

In today’s Last Call: Sean gets dragged into an alt-right pissing match on Twitter. Any story that begins with “A Trumper challenges a Nazi to a fight and…” has got to be good. What’s up with the patriarchal, neo-colonialist race to Mars? We talk about Marcie Bianco’s excellent piece on NBC digital about just that. Saucony Creek plans to open a taproom at Franklin Street Station in Reading. They are also taking ticket orders for their release of The Unicorn on March 3. They’re also celebrating their 5th birthday! Free Will releases a double IPA, “Orange Colored Malcontent,” and it’s freaking amazing. And, Sean is given a can of Cushwa. Yep, that’s a brewery that you should know about.


Out d’Coup | NRA Death Cult Claims More Victims; Janus v. AFSCME Coming Fast; PA Gerrymandering Case; PA GOP and the Alt-Right; Bunsis at Kutztown; Galactic Gilded Age; Beer, Bread, and More!

More tributes and sacrifices made to the gods Vulcan and Moloch this week as AR-15 armed 19-year old slaughter 17 in Parkland, Florida. More evidence that unregulated, free market capitalism produces the best products on the market. I’m with Sam Seder on this one, I’m sending thank you cards to gun manufacturers CEOs and boards of directors. Janus v. AFSCME slated to steamroll public sector unions in Supreme Court case. That will be argued on Feb 26. "Working Peoples' Day of Action," rallies are being called for Feb. 24 across the country to protest the Janus case. News flash to my brothers and sisters in the labor movement - business unionism, closed-door negotiations, and “hoping for the best” is not going to stave off the wrecking ball. Organize or go home I think are our options. Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney throws his hat in for Utah Senate race, you know the guy who thinks half of the American people are lazy freeloaders.

PA gerrymandering case heats up as Gov. Wolf rejects redrawn GOP maps and the PA House Democratic Caucus releases its own maps. Last night at midnight was the deadline. What will the Supreme Court do? Senator Scarnati says “that he has not ruled out impeachment” of the PA Supremes. PA GOP officially hitches its wagon to alt-right candidates. PA retiring House Democratic Leadership wants their sons to take their seats. Howard Bunsis comes to Kutztown University to discuss his report on the financial condition of the university and the PASSHE system as a whole. And the first medical marijuana dispensaries open up across PA.

And in today’s last call, are your ready for the Galactic Gilded Age? Call them space barons or Captains of the space industry. Whatever we call them, billionaires are rewriting our space policy. Free Will releases Orange Colored Malcontent – Double IPA w/Cara Cara Oranges – 9.5% ABV - and this Sunday Free Will hosts as barrel aged tap take over. And if that were not enough, the Bread Box and Bakery in Perkasie has teamed up with Free Will in making Beer Bread! You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for the next release...this week’s bake is all gone. I paid a visit to Saucony Creek for lunch yesterday. I didn’t have a beer, but damn the food was awesome. Pizza Boy Berliner Weiss is canned!

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