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Out d’Coup | Climate Catastrophe a Good Bet; DHS Jihadist LARPer; Dems Under Fire; Sexism in State House; Dickinson College Blackface; Kenney to Seize Schools; March on H’Burg 2.0; and Beer!

The numbers are in - we hit record levels of CO2 in the atmosphere this year - 403.3 parts per million, up from 400.00 ppm in 2015.  What’s that mean? Well, let’s start with 100s of millions of people displaced from coastal cities, longer droughts, and fiercer hurricanes. Good thing that the Trump administration brought on Michael Honeycut to lead EPA’s Science Advisory Board. At least now we’ll have the Bible to guide our environmental policy. And just in case Honeycut can’t get the job done, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a climate denier, is on his way to becoming the next NASA chief. Meanwhile, Mother Jones has reported that Homeland Security hired, Frank Wuco, a guy who used to LARP as a Jihadist named Fuad Wasul to lead the department’s Executive Order Task Force. Another billionaire destroys media outlets because workers vote to unionize. RIP Gothamist and DNA Info. Donna Brazile tosses a grenade into Democratic Party. And, one of the first Democratic Party post-mortems drops and rips the Party a new one.

Angela Couloumbis, a reporter for the Philly Inquirer and the Post-Gazette, talks about what it’s like working in Harrisburg as a woman reporter. Dickenson College student dresses up at Colin Kaepernick in blackface. PennLive initially reported that the student was “dressed as a black person” before recognizing the Kaepernick jersey. We go to an extended member-only segment on this one. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announces the city will seize control of Philadelphia Public Schools from the School Reform Commission. That’s potentially one giant stiff arm to the forces of privatization. Next Friday kicks off March on Harrisburg 2.0. This time marchers will be walking the 36 miles from Lancaster to Harrisburg to support for our bills to end gerrymandering, ban unlimited gifts to State Legislators, and create automatic voter registration.

In today’s last call, Pizza Boy is releasing a New England IPA called Doughboy on Monday. And, watch out, the “Juice is Loose”! Pizza Boys released White Bronco Milk Sugar on Wednesday. Free Will has a big week, releasing Love Letter from the 90s and “Special Cookie.” They’re launching into November with a great line up of food trucks too. And is Sean closet Vapophobe?


Out d’Coup Xtra | Interview with Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek on Campus Equity Week, Adjunct Labor, and Solidarity

Campus Equity Week is the occasion for this Out d’Coup Xtra. Today Kevin Mahoney is talking with Dr. Amy Lynch-Biniek, the State Chair of APSCUF’s Adjunct Faculty Committee. Lynch-Biniek’s forthcoming book, Contingency, Exploitation, and Solidarity: Labor & Action in English Composition is a co-edited anthology with Seth Kahn & Bill Lalicker that explores the ways and means of labor reform on college campuses. She has also recently published “The Ethos of Writing Program Administration” with Anne Shivers McNair in Forum: Issues about Part-Time & Contingent Faculty. She is the current editor of the aforementioned Forum, a peer-edited journal from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Lynch-Biniek’s, “Campus Equity Week: We Can Do Better,” was the featured post on APSCUF’s statewide blog this week, urging tenure-line faculty to deepen solidarity with adjunct faculty not only during contract negotiations, but in the “small challenges we choose to face everyday.” Mahoney spoke with Lynch-Biniek at a Campus Equity Week event at Kutztown University as part of statewide events supported by the faculty union, APSCUF.


Out d’Coup | DNC Purges Berniecrats; Jeff Flake NOT a hero; Puerto Rico Shock Doctrine continues; Sean’s RTK Scores Big; Wagner and Koch?; #PABudget?; Space News and Beer!

Dems purge Bernie supporters from party leadership. According to a new poll, a majority of Democrats now hold a favorable view of George W. Bush. Add those two things together and you get a pretty good idea about why the Democratic Party is facing a serious fundraising crisis and an expanding debt. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker ARE NOT HEROES. Repeat that as often as you need to. Shock Doctrine full press in Puerto Rico. Verizon will save Puerto Rico by ending net neutrality. Two guys in Montana land $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s energy grid. Republican budget paves way for huge redistribution of funds to the 1%. Trump proposes to raise admission to national parks to $70. And, surprise, surprise the big release of the JFK files was bungled by the White House.

Raging Chicken Right to Know request scores big, showing Identity Evropa members putting up fliers at Millersville University. Pennsylvania State Senator Don White slips amendment denying health care rights for transgendered youth into CHIP reauthorization bill. Scott Wagner’s campaign manager Jason High pictured with Koch Brother operative Matt Brouillette outside of Wagner’s campaign office. Voting against the constitutional amendment/ballot question to up-end property taxes in PA. Harrisburg police are flying helicopters over the city and shining spotlights on as a response to a spate of shootings. Their response? Proactive Policing. And, PA may finally have a budget.

Mike Pence travels to Lockheed Martin to check out their new space stuff. Military contractors are getting increasingly giddy about new business opportunities in space. Pizza Boy’s got Pumpkin Milk Sugar out along with Hopvision Mosaic and Mango River. Free Will’s got Sour Sunday #5 coming this Sunday from 12-8. Taza Egyptian Cuisine and The Flying Deutschman food trucks will be on hand. And Saucony Creek Brewery in Kutztown is coming up on their first-ever crowler can release. Their crowd-funded pre-sale will feature our latest NEIPA Thorondor On A Pogo Stick on Thanksgiving Eve.


Out d’Coup | Capitalism and CA Wildfires; Increasing Pressure on Protest; Value Voters Summit; Screw Dick Durbin; Tom Marino Out; AG Shapiro Sues Trump; APSCUF Strike; and, Space and Beer!

On today's program...Charlottesville Anti-Racist Protesters Charged with crimes. Covering a protest has become the most dangerous job for a journalist. Largest wildfires in California’s history are being fought with prison labor and minimum wage firefighters, Up to 30 percent of those fighting the wildfires are California prisoners. At this year's Value Voters Summit, Bannon and Gorka coming hard at the left AND the GOP establishment. Dick Durbin already trying to poison the water for 2020, using fear tactics against the left so that the Democratic Party leaders can hold onto their neoliberal power base. Trump makes what can only be called prank phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers

US Congressman Tom Marino withdraws his name his name from nomination as Donald Trump’s “Drug Czar” after the Washington Post and 60 Minutes run stories on how he enabled the opioid epidemic at the bidding of Big Pharma. Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro joins the lawsuit against Trump cutting key ACA subsidy program. APSCUF celebrates one year strike anniversary.

In space news, scientists witness neutron stars colliding for the first time and witness the creation of gravitational waves, light, gold, platinum, and other heavy metals. Star Trek Discovery is F*cking Cool! Free Will sour release update and Lord Business release. Free Will Oktoberfest this weekend with food from Down to Earth Cafe. Oh and so much more!






Out d’Coup | Trump Assault on Obamacare; Leaving Puerto Rico?; FBI’s new extremists; Right-wing v. Left-wing Media; Space News; and, of course Beer!

Trump continues the assault on Obamacare through what Rick Smith likes to call the “Cut, Gut, and Punish,” model of right-wing politics. In the absence of legislative action to repeal the ACA, Trump is doing everything he can to give it a slow, painful death. Millions of people will be at risk. Also, Trump’s new federal rule will let employers opt out of having to cover birth control in their health insurance plans if God tells them not to. Trump’s had enough with having to pay attention to Puerto Rico. Rep. Scott Perry’s got his back on that one. And turns out the FBI was onto the problem of extremists ahead of the violence in Charlottesville. Only problem was they had the wrong extremists. The FBI was laser-focused on what they saw as the emerging threat of “Black Identity Extremists.” Their words. Rick Smith airs special on Janus v. AFSCME - the Supreme Court case that will likely gut public sector unions.

What happens if the right wing media wins? That’s the title of a recent article in the Columbia Journalism Review by McKay Coppins. He was interviewed on the Majority Report this week and that’s got us thinking again about the need to build progressive media networks - and fast. We’ll take a peek at the right’s infrastructure and wonder why the left does not invest in our own media in the way they do on the right. We’ll talk Bradley Foundation, Hillsdale College, and even attempts to flood student government elections with billionaire cash.

In today’s last call, we’ve got space news and beer. Scientists think we might have a ninth planet after all. It’s thought to be 10 times more massive than Earth and about 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune. Also, asteroid got cozy with Earth early this morning. Say hello and goodbye to 2012 TC4. Free Will Brewing has got a much anticipated sour release today. Today at 3 pm at both locations, Free Will releases Wildhack, a Foudre & Barrel-Aged Sour Brown w/Blueberries; and, Industrio Rustique, a Foudre & Rum Barrel Aged Funky Belgian-style Dark Ale. Pizza Boy also released a pumpkin Sunny Side Up on Tuesday. Cans only, folks.


Out d’Coup | Vegas Horror; Trump Does Puerto Rico; Supreme Court Season; Adjunct Update; #PABudget; Alt-Right in Lancaster; Next Moon Shot; and Oktoberfest!

Trump visits Puerto Rico. He forgot to pack his t-shirt cannon, but he made due. Reminds Puerto Rico that Katrina was a real disaster; that Puerto Rico has thrown U.S. budget “out of whack;” and, that he is incapable of basic human compassion. Trump did suggest, however, that Goldman Sach or “whoever” may have to cancel Puerto Rico’s debt. Mick Mulvaney - a contender for worst human being in the world - puts the kibosh on that. Says we shouldn’t take what the president said “word for word.” By which he meant that no one’s canceling Puerto Rico’s debt. Las Vegas horror and status quo response from NRA soaked politicians. If we can’t talk about gun control and toxic white male masculinity now, can we pencil in a date? Oh, you’ll get back to us? Yeah, OK. PA Republicans’ solution? The Hearing Protection Act. Mueller-led Trump-Russian probe gets to talk to Christopher Steel, author of “the dossier.” Does this mean the pee tape will be a topic of an open session? And, Supreme Court season is underway. This year is voting and organized labor in the crosshairs. Janus v. AFSCME looks to accomplish what Fredericks could not. Barring another death of a right-wing justice, public sector unions are in trouble. In a bit of a surprise, however, on Tuesday, oral arguments were heard regarding Gill v. Whitford...a case that could bring an end to partisan gerrymandering. Justices seemed open to the possibility. Thanks to a cache of emails internal emails. Buzzfeed reveals how Steve Bannon and Breitbart laundered Alt-Right racists. Oh, and let’s not forget hurricane, Nate. 22 people are already dead.

APSCUF-KU helps raise over $5000 for the adjunct faculty member who was kicked to the curb ahead of life-saving surgery. Over 500 Raging Chicken readers clicked to find out what they could do to help. Still no PA Budget. Gov. Wolf says he’s sick of playing games and will start to manage the budget himself. Securitizing the State Liquor stores is at the top of the list. The refusal of PA Republicans to talk about any reasonable revenue package may lead to the full privatization of Penn State, Temple, Pitt, and Lincoln. And, of course, Standard and Poors has downgraded PA’s credit rating again. That will cost PA taxpayers about $53 million/year in interest payments. Rep. Tim Murphy is out following revelations that this pro-life Rep encouraged his mistress to have an abortion and he conducted a “reign of terror against his staff.” State Rep. Tom Marino blocks Raging Chicken on Facebook. Alt-Right is making a serious play for a PA stronghold. Identity Evropa had a Lancaster coming out party. Now there’s a podcast, called “Taking a Stand.” The first episode featured Identity Evropa leader, and PA native, Evan McLaren and the PA coordinator for Identity Evropa, William Clark. And Represent PA is calling November days of action including a March from Lancaster to Harrisburg beginning on Nov. 10 concluding with two days of action in the Capitol rotunda on Nov 13 & 14.

In today’s last call, it’s the 60th anniversary of Sputnik. Mike Pence uses the occasion to help relaunch the National Space Council. He says the U.S. is going back to the moon. Free Will released PV Fest in 16 oz. cans yesterday. It’s a traditional malty Marzen just in time for Oktoberfest. I will be picking some up today. Free Will partners with Down to Earth Cafe holds its Oktoberfest on Sunday, October 22. There will be 5 traditional German-style beers and traditional German fare at the Perkasie Brewhouse. You can even pick up a Free Will stein for $10. Sunny Side Up cans are out at Pizza Boy. That and so much more.


Out d’Coup | Shock Doctrine for Puerto Rico; Bannon Assist in AL Senate Primary; German Right Rising; Wagner White Nationalist?; PA Governors Race; Mike Regan’s Junk; Going to Mars; Beer; and More!

On today’s show, Shock Doctrine warriors take aim at Puerto Rico in the wake of hurricane Maria. Roy Moore defeats Trump endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama Senate primary. Steve Bannon and Nigel Farage were very happy. A preview of the Pennsylvania Senate primary perhaps? Far-right German AfD Party sees large gains after German Election. Climate scientists report that century-old temperature records for September have been shattered across the Midwest and East coast during this month’s heat wave. Judge rules that anonymous police office can’t sue Black Lives Matter. It’s a social movement you idiots. You know, First Amendment and all that? NFL players #TakeAKnee following Trumpster’s attacks. ADAPT activists arrested and dragged away in protests against Graham-Cassidy. Graham-Cassidy dead for now. Russian hacker story gets interesting.

Kutztown University faculty union helps to raise more than $4500 for adjunct kicked to the curb as part of the university’s “caring community” initiatives. HERE’S HOW TO HELP.  Wagner praises Bannon at Phyllis Schlafly “Put America First Rally” in St. Louis. Scott Wagner looking to repeat Roy Moore’s Alabama victory by throwing in with Steve Bannon while Paul Mango lines up with PA’s Trump machine. State Senator Mike Regan takes his hood, I mean helmet, off for the National Anthem. Uses Jackie Robinson to support his move to condemn the NFL for being anti-American. Jackie Robinson, by the way, didn’t stand for the anthem. Incidentally, @MikeRegansJunk premieres on Twitter. Then it went limp. Just sayin’. Sean puts PA white supremacist on blast. Oh, yeah. Still no budget. We told ya.

SpaceX to produce Big F’ing Rocket in plans to make life interplanetary. Mars, the Moon, and anywhere on Earth in less than an hour. NY to Shanghai, for example, in 39 minutes. Cargo ships to Mars by 2022.  Dyson to jump into the electric car market by 2020. Sunny Side Up back on at Pizza Boy! Free Will ramping up can productions. They’ve got Crisper in cans - a Kolsch style ale just in time for Oktoberfest. Rumor has it that Safeword will be brewed again for the holidays.

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Out d’Coup Xtra | Sean Kitchen Talks with Jamie Longazel, Author of “Undocumented Fears: Immigration and the Politics of Divide and Conquer in Hazleton, Pennsylvania”

Sean Kitchen makes his solo debut on Out d'Coup Xtras! Sean talks with Jamie Longazel, author of Undocumented Fears: Immigration and the Politics of Divide and Conquer in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Longazel is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York. 

The focus today is on former Hazelton mayor and current U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 11th congressional district, Lou Barletta. Barletta recently threw his hat into the ring to challenge Bob Casey in the 2018 midterm elections. Barletta has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and has his own sorted anti-immigration history. 

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Out d’Coup | Hurricane Maria; Trump Threatens Rocket Man; KU Fires Sick Adjunct Before Surgery; Fascists Flyering Campuses; Millersville’s EPPIC Fail; Star Trek Discovery; New Beer Releases; More!

Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a category 5 storm. This marks the fourth major hurricane in a month to ravage the Caribbean and Gulf Coast. Shock doctrine opportunists salivate. Trump threatens to wipe North Korea off the face of the earth. Subsequent exchanges between Trump and Kim Jong Un have bordered on the surreal. I have to admit, I had to look up the word “dotard.” Paul Manafort is in Mueller’s crosshairs. Jimmy Kimmel has been on fire. Police in St. Louis chant “whose streets, our streets,” in a frightening exhibition of the decline toward authoritarianism. And, Kutztown University administration ordered to kick an adjunct faculty to the curb ahead of life-saving surgery. How’s that for a “caring community.” Just following orders, I guess.


PA State Representative Aaron Bernstine thinks it’s a good idea to run over protesters in they’re standing in the road. Even some of his fellow Republicans are beginning to get uncomfortable with him. Confronted, Bernstine doubles down calling protesters "thugs." Sean dons the flaming sword of the interwebs in response. Still no budget in PA. How long will it be before the next credit downgrade? History and practices of Identity Evropa. Millersville University’s mental gymnastics department attempts to respond to white nationalist posters on its campus. AbadeeAbadeeAbadee, that’s all folks. We get into the background and tactics of Identity Evropa and other alt-right groups.

And Star Trek Discovery premieres Sunday night on CBS. According to Rolling Stone, Discovery is Star Trek’s answer to the Trump era. Pizza Boy had a big week for beer releases. Kevin gets a new shipment of Biniek Biotech Brews.


Out d’Coup | Sanders Single-Payer Bill; DSA and Left Organizing; Ponies for All; Climate Change and Hurricanes; Trump Taps David Freed; #PAbudget; Space News and More!

Bernie Sanders introduces a single-payer bill with 16 cosponsors. Just in time for perspective on “What Happened?” Will the Democratic Party get the Sanders Bump and move significantly to the left? It’s looking like it.  All I know is that I want my pony. We talk the growth of DSA and left organizing. In the wake of Harvey and Irma, now is exactly the time to talk about climate change. Kate Aronoff burning it up at The Intercept in the wake of catastrophic hurricanes. We’re watching disaster capitalism in real time now, folks. Trump deepens his relationship with Chuck and Nancy - more like a booty call, really. Trump’s voting fraud commission continues to expose how Kris Kobach plans to suppress the vote in 2018 and 2020. Fearless Girl gets blue ribbon and Wall Street bull doused with blue paint in protest of climate denial. Crude bomb goes off on London tube. And Harvard invites then disinvites Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow, thanks to Mike Pompeo and a spineless dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School Institute of Politics.

David Freed - Cumberland County, DA - nominated to US Attorney Office. Maybe he’ll be bringing his binders full of white supremacists with him. The Intercept picks up coverage of Evan McLaren, too. Wolf votes for fracking moratorium in Delaware River Basin Commission. PA House Republicans approves budget filled with gimmicks and cuts to environmental programs. I may want my pony, but PA House Republicans are trafficking in unicorns.

In today’s last call, Chris Robé on his new book, Breaking the Spell: A History of Anarchist Filmmakers, Videotape Guerrillas, and Digital Ninjas at Kutztown University.

We say goodbye to Cassini. Space X releases “bloopers” video. Sean get’s his hand in a crowler video. This might be his big break.

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