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Jun 2018

Out d’Coup | Roseanne on Ambien; Pardon-Palooza; Right-to-Try; Elections Have Consequences; Next Financial Meltdown; Wagner to Resign; Raise the Wage; Sean and Star Wars; Moon Base; Art; Great Beer

Roseanne Barr fired for popping off a racist tweet over the weekend. She said it was the Ambien. Ambien maker says racism is not a known side-effect of taking their product. Donald Trump goes on a Padron-Palooza. Issued pardon for Dinesh D'souza and ponders pardons or commutations for Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich. North Korea summit.  Is it on or off? Trump signs right to try drug legislation. Dick’s sporting goods says that ending sales of assault weapons has not hurt its sales as expected. 

Recent Supreme Court ruling that prevents workers from joining in class action lawsuits if signed “forced arbitration” clause is already smacking down Chipotle workersFederal Reserve votes to ease regulations on the big banks, setting the stage for the next financial meltdown. Ireland votes overwhelmingly to end abortion banTom Perez pisses off progressives with Cuomo endorsement. 

Scott Wagner to resign from the Senate June 4th.  Not like there’s a budget to complete or anything like that. Wolf campaign turns up the heat in response. Sean goes to Raise Wage demo. Tomorrow (Friday), Lou Barletta press conference in Capitol Rotunda. 

Sean watched Star Wars. Sean got some awesome art. Sean’s looking to sell some prints. Working for Elon Musk is Hell. Jeff Bezos saves The Expanse then lays out plans for Moon colony. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says “Moon Base will be a reality sooner than you think.” Free Will new can release. Judo Financing is a great New England style IPA with key limes. Free Will also stocked with Miscommunication and their house pilsner, Duct Tape and Zip Ties. Hill Farmstead Owner Shaun Hill goes on the record about alcohol and mental health issues in the craft beer industry, then blames the journalist for reporting on the interview.  Oops.

May 2018

Out d’Coup | SCOTUS Attack on Workers; Trump’s Bromance Sours; Gag Rule; NRA Death Cult’s Back; NFL Freedom; PA Per Diem Day; Open Primaries?; PASSHE’s New Chancellor; Chicago Beer; The Expanse; more!

SCOTUS rules against workers. Workers must abide by forced arbitration clauses. Welcome to the privatization of our court system. Justice Neil “Elections-have-consequences” Gorsuch wrote for the majority. The ruling has potentially significant implications for #MeToo movement. The highlight of the ruling was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s blistering dissent.

Trump formally announces new gag rule barring family planning clinics that receive federal funding under Title X from providing abortions or referring patients to abortion services. And court challenges are dubious because...say it with me...elections have consequences. On the positive side of the ledger. court rules that Trump can’t block people on Twitter. No troll-free zone for your highness.

Last week we learned of Trump’s bromance with Kim Jong Un and their meet-up in the Philippines. Now, North Korea is yanking Donald’s chain, warning of a nuclear showdown and calling Mike Pence a “political dummy.” And this just in this morning...Trump cancels the Philippine summit. There goes the Nobel Peace Prize.

We were not recording last Friday when the latest school shooting went down in Santa Fe, Texas. The NRA death cult has been feverishly going through their post-child sacrifice rituals. Guns don’t kill people...guns don’t kill people...guns don’t kill people.

A report released earlier this month by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration found an unexpected increase in emissions of CFC-11, a chemical banned under the 1987 Montreal Climate Protocol. Scientists say this suggests someone may be secretly manufacturing the pollutant in violation of the international accord. Who wants to bet we’ll find out in the end that Jared Kushner and the Emir of Qatar will be involved in some way.

Huge news out of Georgia. Stacey Abrams becomes the first African American woman to ever win a major party nomination for governor. Not only that, she won her primary running against a centrist Democrat - Stacey Evans who ran on the typical corporate Democrat line of shifting to the right.

A former executive of Frisco Hospice in Texas admitted to overdosing patients to “hasten their deaths” so the company could rake in the bucks. The $60 million scheme with Nova Health Services owner Bradley and Amy Harris made patients “go bye-bye” when the company could no longer profit. Also in Texas, Texas Lt governor Dan Patrick thinks that banning doors on school buildings will stop mass shooters. He clarifies his statements later saying that guns don’t kill people, video games and movies kill people.  

NFL bans taking a knee during the national anthem, because freedom. And in other sports news, City of Milwaukee releases video showing rookie NBA player getting tased for parking in a handicapped spot.

PA legislators want their nothing burgers medium rare with a side of per diems.  #PAHouse not expected to vote on much on this rare Thursday session day because @PAHouseGOP caucus can't get enough support on some controversial bills. PA Senate passed the pipeline protest criminalization bill with the happy support of several Democrats. Word has it that the House doesn’t have the energy to take it up. PA Democrats all shaky after DSA wins.

Scarnati pushing hard for open primaries in PA now. What’s going on with that? Poor people’s campaign back in the Capitol loud and proud. Several demonstrators arrested for...what...tug-o’-war? Sean was there and got some great pics and vids of the action. 

In a secret process. Daniel Greenstein, a former director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Postsecondary Success program, was chosen to be the next Chancellor of PASSHE. Everyone is jumping on the positive PR blitz...and that may pan out. But right now there’s few specifics and lots of fawning over Dr. McDreamy...just look at that hair. [he’s a doctor]. Look, Greenstein might turn out to be great...but we’re going to hold off on that until we’ve “done our research” and see some specifics.

And, Colleen Bradley readies her writ of certiorari for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In today’s Last Call, the Syfy channel cancels The Expanse just when it’s getting good. Amazon may play hero.

Does craft beer have a worker problem? A great new piece in Splinter about the issue.

Kevin was in Chicago last weekend...which is why we went a little early last week. I got to see an awesome comedy show at Up Comedy Club of Second City in Chicago. The show was an all-women show, #SheThePeople. It was an awesome feminist review.

I got to sample some great beer from Revolution Brewing while in Chicago. I had their tasty American IPA, Anti-Hero - Their Flagship IPA. That went nicely with some great grub at Corcoran’s Grill and Pub in Old Town. I also had Yum Yum by 3 Floyds Brewing at Corcoran’s. That was a light session Pale Ale.

My favorite, though, was The Defender American Stout by Haymarket Brewing. Brewed with Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal Malt and Oats then hopped and dry-hopped with Cascade, Chinook, and Amarillo. It was nice drinking that on the 10th-floor balcony of Cindy’s rooftop restaurant in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, overlooking Millennial Park.

Philly beer week kicks off from June 1 - 10.

May 2018

Out d’Coup | PA Primary Recap; HUGE win for DSA-backed candidates, progressive women, and the left!

We will not have our regularly scheduled Friday show this week, but we just had to bring you a post-PA primary recap. It was a huge night for PA's progressive future. 

John Fetterman defeats Mike Stack for Lt. Gov. Stack becomes first Lt. Gov. to lose reelection. 

4 DSA Candidates Make it to the general election. DSA Members Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee take down the Costa family machine in Pittsburgh. They easily defeat Dom and Paul Costa by 2-1 margins. Elizabeth Fiedler wins a four-way primary with a majority of the vote in South Philly. Kristin Seale will be facing off against DelCo Republican Chris Quinn in November.

PA Democrats flip a Bucks County state house seat that Republicans have controlled for over 35 years. Helen Tai, daughter of Chinese immigrants, will be representing that seat for the next 6 months.  Mary Gay Scanlon, a Ballard Spahr lawyer, defeats Johnny Doc and Bernie-backed Rich Lazer in the crowded PA 05 primary.  Ballard Spahr enjoys breaking unions, supports charter schools, and works with Comcast. Progressives were torn over Bernie backing Lazer. Madeleine Dean wins her primary in the PA 04. Greg Edwards came up short in the PA-7, but at least Morganelli was defeated. Susan Wild will head to the general election in November. 

Scott Wagner pulls out a victory in the Republican primary for Governor. Governor Wolf's campaign comes out swinging before the ink is dry on the primary results. And, anti-immigrant Lou Barletta will take on Bob Casey this fall. 

Rick Saccone loses, again.  He’ll have to take his waterboarding towel and free meals from lobbyists somewhere else. At least he's got his godly heritage. 


May 2018

Out d’Coup | Trump’s N. Korean Bromance; Private Spies; Schneiderman; Coming Pink Wave; UC Strike; Bernie in PA; Forget Costa; Lou Ryan’s Back; CubeStats; Space Strike; Free Will Release, and More!

New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman resigns after explosive New Yorker article features four women who reveal Schneiderman as serial abuser. Trump found a new best friend in the “very honorable” Kim Jong-Un. They’ll have their bromance meet up in Singapore. Three Americans freed from North Korea. Trump looks to gut CHIP on the same day Melania re-releases Obama pamphlet on cyberbullying under her name. Trump advisor says trouble with Nazis is that they didn't keep going. Comments at Turning Point USA event.

White House looking to hire private spies to counter “deep state” enemies. Jeff Sessions wants to take kids from their parents at the border. Rudy Guiliani resigns from law firm over tv appearances. Hugh Hewitt allowed to keep his job at MSNBC and The Washington Post after doing favors for Scott Pruitt.

Historic wins for women during Tuesday’s primaries across the country.

Massive University of California statewide strike. National Nurses United engage in “sympathy strike” with striking AFSCME workers. After three days of a strike, the fight goes on. North Carolina Teachers next to strike? Bernie Sanders introduces “Workplace Democracy Act.” Mass murderer Don Blankenship not elected. Fracking will probably cook the planet, but no one is listening. And a week filled with stories about white people calling the police on black people for living normal lives.

Recap on Bernie Sanders barnstorm of PA in support of progressive candidates. Dom Costa mounts GOP write-in campaign for fear of Sara Innamorato victory in Democratic primary in PA District 21. Progressive candidates Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee - both facing members of the Costa family in Democratic primaries - are matching fundraising numbers with the Costas. A Democratic Party member writes letter to the editor wondering why Democracts should let the DSA dictate the rules? Because we need better Democrats, maybe?

We welcome back Lou Ryan to Raging Chicken! Her new articles follow the fight against gentrification in Organizing against gentrification in the East Liberty neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Jordan Peterson, who has claimed that feminists have “an unconscious wish for brutal male domination,” referred to developing nations as “pits of catastrophe” coming to the Tower Theater in Upper Darby. Colleen Bradley and her legal team ready their Writ Of Certiorari for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In space and beer news, CubeSats head for Mars. Marco. Polo. Space workers strike against United Launch Alliance. Americans have fewer vacation time than your average medieval peasants. Free Will Brewing is releasing Chasing the Dragon release today. Dandelion Saison in the works.

May 2018

Out d’Coup | Trump Train Wreck; Michelle Wolf; CA and 17 States Sue Trump; Neo-Nazi Running in CA?; Metcalfe Gun Rally; Mariner East False Choices; Bernie Barnstorms PA; Space Force; Free Will Sours!

Trump train wreck strategy continues as Rudy talks funnelling money to lawyers to pay porn stars. Michelle Wolf rocks it. California and 17 other states sue Trump over vehicle efficiency standards. Scott Pruitt saga continues. Glorious May Day protests around the country to mark the true American born international Labor Day. Is there a neo-Nazi really running as a Republican for U.S. Senate in California? Snopes gets to the bottom of it.

Daryl Metcalfe his annual gun rally, and members from the Oathkeepers, Three Percenters and Pennsylvania Patriots United showed up. Skinheads from American Guard were also there. Raging Chicken has exclusive audio from the Capitol. More false choices as debate over Mariner East pipeline pits jobs against catastrophic climate change and safe water. Bernie Sanders barnstorms PA on Saturday in rallies with Jess King, Gregory Edwards, and John Fetterman. And, is Bernie building a progressive media empire?

In today’s Last Call, Space Force is back! Sean visits Ever Grain Brewery in Camp Hill. Then he geeks out on a lens he is renting for the Bernie/Jess King rally. Free Will has MAJOR sour release this week. A trio of deliciousness was released on Wednesday. Their margarita-inspired sour, 5th of May, will be released Saturday on Cinco de Mayo.

Plus, great sound!

Apr 2018

Out d’Coup | AZ Teachers Walk; Koch Bros’ Antics; DCCC Leans on CO Progressive; Candy Man Can’t; PA GOP Staffers Jump Ship; Meek Mill; PASSHE Gets RAND; Colleen Bradley; “Swingo” de Mayo; Moon Push

Arizona teachers are the latest to walk off the job en masse to demand livable wages and full public school funding. More than 1,000 Arizona public schools were closed on Thursday as #RedforEd took to the streets and marched on the state Capitol. Arizona teachers were joined by their neighbors to the Northeast as Colorado teachers also walked off the job for better pay and full funding of public schools.

A new report, “Advancing White Supremacy Through Academic Strategy,” exposes massive campaign funded by the Koch Brothers and other right-wing billionaires to push alt-right agenda on college campuses.

The Intercept published secretly taped audio of House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer trying to pressure a progressive candidate to get out of the race for Colorado’s 6th legislative district. DCCC had already picked a corporate lawyer and Army vet, Jason Crow, to back in the race. Republicans in Congress are now pursuing a technical strategy to dramatically roll back regulations. They want to use the 1996 Congressional Review Act to “defund the administrative state.”

Things still crazy in Trumplandia. Trump loses it on Fox and Friends; Michael Cohen has a burner phone collection; Dr. Ronny “The Candy Man” Jackson will not be the next VA Secretary; and, Scott Pruitt gets grilled on his improprieties. And, let’s not forget that the week started out with yet another white, male “sovereign citizen” killing four people in a Waffle House in Tennessee with an AR-15.

Meek Mill released from prison after spending five months in prison. Pennsylvania has the worst parole system in the country. Pennsylvania GOP sees staffers leave en masse and only have $16,000 in the bank for payroll. Right-wing PA Republicans got what they paid for Wednesday as their RAND Corporation commissioned study recommends dramatic changes for PASSHE universities. The one thing the study did not consider was properly funding PASSHE schools. Currently, PA ranks 47th out of 50 states in per-capita funding for public higher education. Kutztown University votes to implement new “Campus Support Fee” on students in the amount of $488 beginning next academic year.

The second part of Raging Chicken’s exclusive interviews concerning the Colleen Bradley whistleblower case is released. Kevin Mahoney interviews Bradley’s legal team, Daniel Kearney and Ed Mazurek, about the Constitutional implications of her case.

And in today’s last call, Sean has a weekend off for the first time in a long time. He contemplates buying a new camera lens. A racist golf club to hold a “Swingo de Mayo” celebration on the heels of owners calling police on a group of black women for Golfing While Black. In space news this week, NASA begins talking up the Orion missions to the Moon and plans for a Deep Space Gateway.

Apr 2018

Out d’Coup Update for Friday, April 27, 2018 @ 2:35 pm

It's another round of technical issues this week. Here's a little update about what's up.

Apr 2018

Out d’Coup | Comey, Cohen, and Rudy; Hannity Factor; Teachers Revolt; Atlantic Slows; Expanding Voting Rights; NextGen Barnstorm; Gerrymandering Resistance; Space News; & Sean Says Bye to Pizza Boy

Comey, Comey, Comey. Yeah, that’s how you sell them books. That’s right...that was some weird shit.  All eyes on Michael Cohen as speculation grows that he will flip on Trump. Former Trump divorce lawyer says that Cohen’s fear of prison rape will push him to flip. Those speculations come on the heels of the big Hannity Factor reveal as part of a Monday court order demanding the release of Michael Cohen’s third client. And, Rudy’s back! On Thursday, Trump tapped his pal Rudy Giuliani for his legal team after every other lawyer with half a brain gave Trump the cold shoulder. Giuliani pledges to end the Mueller investigation in a couple of weeks.

Teachers continue to upend the poisoned apple cart. Yesterday, Arizona teachers voted to walk out of school beginning on April 26. Teachers rejected a carrot of 20% pay raises, demanding significant increases in school funding. Colorado teachers stage a huge rally in the state Capitol on Monday. Teachers in the two largest school districts - Denver and Jeffco - plan on back-to-back walkouts on April 26 and 27 for major rallies at the state Capitol for increased school funding. At this point, it is not known how many other school districts will join in the walkouts. And, after Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin told the world that he “guaranteed” that students were sexually assaulted, physically harmed, ingested poison and/or were introduced to drugs for the first time b/c of teacher walkout he says sorry-not-sorry. Teachers and state Democrats reject Bevin’s non-apology.

According to a new article in the journal Nature, the Atlantic Ocean circulation has slowed down; it hasn’t been this sluggish in over 1,000 years. The “The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation” which brings warm waters to Europe and is largely responsible for Europe’s more temperate weather, is slowed by the melting of freshwater from glaciers in Greenland and elsewhere. Now would be the perfect time to read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Science in the Capital series. That trilogy plays out what would happen if the AMOC stops. Spoiler: it’s not good. On the other side of the climate ledger, NYC votes to divest city funds from fossil fuels. That’s freaking huge.

The Brennan Center reports that bills expanding voting rights now outnumber those seeking to restrict voting rights. That report came out right as New Jersey voted to enact automatic voter registration in the state. The new law will not register voters as part of motor voter registration. And Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was held in contempt of court this week after he failed to follow through on the Court’s order to notify thousands of Kansans that they were eligible to vote in 2016. Kobach was, of course, the face of Trump’s voter fraud commission. Sweet justice.

Democratic billionaire Tom Steyer is barnstorming around the country, funding impeachment ads and progressive candidate forums (see: DesMoines Reg | Milwaukee Journal | CNN | PRI | WaPo). Steyer’s NextGen America hosts the first town hall in PA-7. Morganelli was the only Democratic candidate to not raise had when asked if candidates support abortion rights. And today is #NationalWalkoutDay - students working for greater gun control are walking out again across the nation on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre.

PA House passes a bill banning aborting fetuses with Down syndrome. Charlie Dent announces early retirement; will necessitate a special election BEFORE November under old congressional lines. Wait...did Daryl Metcalfe actually threaten Chris Raab with a gun? Some kind of State Street Capitol dual? Huge anti-gerrymandering rallies in PA Capitol. Activists packed the Capitol rotunda on Monday...crowds were as high as the fourth floor. And, Sean cracks into the establishment and begins writing for Third and State, a PA Budget and Policy Center blog. His first piece, “The Trump Tax Bill Wasn’t for You,” was published on Tuesday.

In today’s last call, space news is back! NASA and Space X launched TESS - the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite. Next month, NASA launch a new Mars Rover, InSight, which will the first-ever interplanetary West Coast launch. Billionaire Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced more details Tuesday about how his department will become "a one-stop shop" for regulating the burgeoning space industry. Says space already $300,000 business and expects to balloon to $1 trillion quickly. Moon will be a gas station for Mars. Mike Pence says the U.S. is getting serious about space junk. Bridenstine advanced to head NASA - BARELY. Questions remain about his use of a non-profit to benefit himself.

And Sean winds up his stint at Pizza Boy. We’ll take a few moments to remember the good times.

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Apr 2018

Out d’Coup | Thursday Night Special! D.C. is Officially Off the Rails; State Policy Network Plans; Daryl Metcalfe Power Grab; Mini Bats for Schools; Colleen Bradley Case; and, so much more!

Mahoney is in State College, PA for APSCUF's last Legislative Assembly of the academic year. Last big meeting to talk about the impending Janus decision. 

State Policy Network releases memo attacking striking school teachers. Pittsburgh teachers vs lower income parents and children is the State Policy Network plan. 

Daryl Metcalfe eviscerates gerrymandering reform and replaces it with a power grab. Millcreek Township School District gives 500 mini bats to teachers in order to stop an active shooter. Sticks and stones is how we role in the Keystone state. Colleen Bradley whistleblower case update.

Yellow crowned night herons return to Harrisburg.  Midtown neighborhood is the location of their only breeding colony in the state is located. Pretty cool. And, Sean is moving on to bigger and better things...movin' on up!

Apr 2018

Out d’Coup | Trump B Trump; Ricky Vaughn Doxed; PA GOP Ready to Impeach Supremes?; Fairness Center Gets Cozy with Wagner; PA Student Power Rocks; Push Poll in PA 7; Colleen Bradley; Beer and more!

On today's show...more Trump chaos. Alt-right Twitter troll "Ricky Vaughn" doxed by white nationalist running against Paul Ryan. 

Watch out for House State Government Committee to vote on PA Supremes impeachment resolutions next week as the committee has two hearings scheduled on Tuesday.  One hearing is at 10:00 am and the other at the “call of the chair." The Fairness Center sets up shop one floor above Scott Wagner’s campaign office. Christina Hartman drops out of PA 10. Push Poll targets Greg Edwards and Susan Wild in PA 7 but forgot to mention John Morganelli. 

Rally for Tuition-Free higher education at West Chester University. Turning Point USA will hold a big event at IUP on Monday. PA Student Power has called a statewide day of action on Monday, April 9 for every campus to denounce and deny school funding to hate groups. Students and Faculty rally to get rid of Edinboro U president H. Fred Walker. This week Raging Chicken released Part 1 of Kevin Mahoney's interview with whistleblower Colleen Bradley. We update you on her case and discuss its national implications. 

In today's last call...lighter lagers for Sean. Kevin makes a trip to Marcy Discount Beverages in Utica, NY and harvests some goodies. Celebratory Bourbon Barrel Aged Dragonslayer 2017