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Oct 2018

Out d’Coup | Sen.Republicans Plowing Through Kavanaugh; Whiteness; Cancel Kavanaugh Protests; $15 at Amazon; Jeopardy Debate; Week in Wagner; SCOTUS Denies Colleen Bradley; Space News & Beer

October 5, 2018

Mitch McConnell remains committed to “plowing through” the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The Senate is set to vote today. Kavanaugh polling shows why the “yoga vote” is a bunch of nonsense. 83 percent of Black and 66 percent of Latino voters support Dr. Ford while only 40 percent of white voters believe her.  

Hundreds of protesters were arrested yesterday in “Cancel Kavanaugh” protests in DC and around the country. 

Amazon raises its minimum wage to $15/hour. But hold the celebrations for Bezos the benevolent billionaire. Workers lose benefits, bonuses, stock options as part of the deal. And, Melania Trump was welcomed to Malawi by protests. One sign read #NOTASHITHOLE

The one and only debate for the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race was this past Monday and Alex Trebek stole the show. Trebek spoke for 44 minutes while Scott Wagner and Tom Wolf spoke for 29 and 23 minutes.

Scott Wagner paid Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro $25,000 to speak at an upcoming fundraiser.  Pirro has used her role at Fox to spread conspiracy theories about Dr. Ford and called Dr. Ford a fraud. Scott Wagner holds a town hall with 4 teenage girls, 4 cows and an empty chair at the Farm Show Complex.  He then went to a local farm where a duck - or goose? - shit all over his tracksuit. His campaign then posts a picture of it online. 

A new internal poll shows that Emily Skopov is within FIVE POINTS of House Speaker Mike Turza. Montgomery County Republican Tom Murt helped get a killer cop a patronage job at the Philadelphia Parking Authority. This cop was charged with murder after shooting a fleeing suspect in the back.

And, in a major blow to our First Amendment whistleblower rights at work, the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear Colleen Bradley’s case.

Concerns that U.S. military project to deploy “Insect Allies” to genetically engineer crops, could be repurposed to be a biological weaponLast week’s asteroid landing by a Japanese “hopping” rover was a success, but MASCOT rovers are no more.

Free Will Brewing has got a couple cool releases this week. Yesterday, Free Will released All VIP New England-style IPA. And they did it as part of a screening of a new documentary on PA craft brewery called “Poured in PA.” Today, Free Will releases a PawPaw Saison...fun fact, the Paw Paw is the only fruit indigenous to PA.