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May 2018

Out d’Coup | SCOTUS Attack on Workers; Trump’s Bromance Sours; Gag Rule; NRA Death Cult’s Back; NFL Freedom; PA Per Diem Day; Open Primaries?; PASSHE’s New Chancellor; Chicago Beer; The Expanse; more!

May 24, 2018

SCOTUS rules against workers. Workers must abide by forced arbitration clauses. Welcome to the privatization of our court system. Justice Neil “Elections-have-consequences” Gorsuch wrote for the majority. The ruling has potentially significant implications for #MeToo movement. The highlight of the ruling was Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s blistering dissent.

Trump formally announces new gag rule barring family planning clinics that receive federal funding under Title X from providing abortions or referring patients to abortion services. And court challenges are dubious because...say it with me...elections have consequences. On the positive side of the ledger. court rules that Trump can’t block people on Twitter. No troll-free zone for your highness.

Last week we learned of Trump’s bromance with Kim Jong Un and their meet-up in the Philippines. Now, North Korea is yanking Donald’s chain, warning of a nuclear showdown and calling Mike Pence a “political dummy.” And this just in this morning...Trump cancels the Philippine summit. There goes the Nobel Peace Prize.

We were not recording last Friday when the latest school shooting went down in Santa Fe, Texas. The NRA death cult has been feverishly going through their post-child sacrifice rituals. Guns don’t kill people...guns don’t kill people...guns don’t kill people.

A report released earlier this month by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric  Administration found an unexpected increase in emissions of CFC-11, a chemical banned under the 1987 Montreal Climate Protocol. Scientists say this suggests someone may be secretly manufacturing the pollutant in violation of the international accord. Who wants to bet we’ll find out in the end that Jared Kushner and the Emir of Qatar will be involved in some way.

Huge news out of Georgia. Stacey Abrams becomes the first African American woman to ever win a major party nomination for governor. Not only that, she won her primary running against a centrist Democrat - Stacey Evans who ran on the typical corporate Democrat line of shifting to the right.

A former executive of Frisco Hospice in Texas admitted to overdosing patients to “hasten their deaths” so the company could rake in the bucks. The $60 million scheme with Nova Health Services owner Bradley and Amy Harris made patients “go bye-bye” when the company could no longer profit. Also in Texas, Texas Lt governor Dan Patrick thinks that banning doors on school buildings will stop mass shooters. He clarifies his statements later saying that guns don’t kill people, video games and movies kill people.  

NFL bans taking a knee during the national anthem, because freedom. And in other sports news, City of Milwaukee releases video showing rookie NBA player getting tased for parking in a handicapped spot.

PA legislators want their nothing burgers medium rare with a side of per diems.  #PAHouse not expected to vote on much on this rare Thursday session day because @PAHouseGOP caucus can't get enough support on some controversial bills. PA Senate passed the pipeline protest criminalization bill with the happy support of several Democrats. Word has it that the House doesn’t have the energy to take it up. PA Democrats all shaky after DSA wins.

Scarnati pushing hard for open primaries in PA now. What’s going on with that? Poor people’s campaign back in the Capitol loud and proud. Several demonstrators arrested for...what...tug-o’-war? Sean was there and got some great pics and vids of the action. 

In a secret process. Daniel Greenstein, a former director of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Postsecondary Success program, was chosen to be the next Chancellor of PASSHE. Everyone is jumping on the positive PR blitz...and that may pan out. But right now there’s few specifics and lots of fawning over Dr. McDreamy...just look at that hair. [he’s a doctor]. Look, Greenstein might turn out to be great...but we’re going to hold off on that until we’ve “done our research” and see some specifics.

And, Colleen Bradley readies her writ of certiorari for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In today’s Last Call, the Syfy channel cancels The Expanse just when it’s getting good. Amazon may play hero.

Does craft beer have a worker problem? A great new piece in Splinter about the issue.

Kevin was in Chicago last weekend...which is why we went a little early last week. I got to see an awesome comedy show at Up Comedy Club of Second City in Chicago. The show was an all-women show, #SheThePeople. It was an awesome feminist review.

I got to sample some great beer from Revolution Brewing while in Chicago. I had their tasty American IPA, Anti-Hero - Their Flagship IPA. That went nicely with some great grub at Corcoran’s Grill and Pub in Old Town. I also had Yum Yum by 3 Floyds Brewing at Corcoran’s. That was a light session Pale Ale.

My favorite, though, was The Defender American Stout by Haymarket Brewing. Brewed with Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal Malt and Oats then hopped and dry-hopped with Cascade, Chinook, and Amarillo. It was nice drinking that on the 10th-floor balcony of Cindy’s rooftop restaurant in the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, overlooking Millennial Park.

Philly beer week kicks off from June 1 - 10.