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Sep 2018

Out d’Coup | NYT Steady State OpEd; Dems Get Spine in Kavanaugh Hearing; Trump Guts Science from Energy Plan; DeVos Profiles Howard; Week in Wagner; Daylin’s Back; Star Trek Economics; and beer!

September 7, 2018

The “steady state,” secret resistance starts to unfurl their plans (insert “mwahahaha” here). From NYT OpEd to the release of Bob Woodward’s book Fear, to the latest “revelation” that Administration officials contacted a psychiatrist last year because Trump was scaring them. Could this be the launch of Mike Pence 2020?

Democrats steeled up for the Kavanaugh hearing. From Kamala Harris’s brutal interrogations to Cory Booker and Mazie Hirono releasing “committee confidential” emails that the GOP sought to keep out of public view, it’s been quite a ride. Booker broke the ice and now the docs are flowing. Leaked emails to NYT show Kavanaugh thinks Roe v. Wade NOT settled law.  All this comes in the wake of the Trump organization’s decision not to release more than 100,000 documents from Kavanaugh’s time serving George W. Bush in the White House. Then there are the nearly non-stop protests that have disrupted the hearings. Warms our hearts.

New documents show that the Trump organization cut climate change impacts from its energy plan. New wildfire rages in Northern California. The Delta fire has ravaged more than 15,000 acres of land and now threatens homes.

Betsy DeVos moves to put the screws to Howard University by putting it on a “Heightened Cash Monitoring” list. The right-wing billionaire founder of Amway, Richard DeVos dies. Now, where have I heard that name before? Manafort’s daughter files papers to change her last name. Alex Jones permanently banned from Twitter.

The Village Voice, the first alternative weekly, shuts down completely after a 63-year run. More signs of trouble in journalism.

Scott Wagner calls Tom Wolf’s trip to Puerto Rico to help victims of Hurricane Maria “Pure Bullshit.” Republicans bring in the Koch Brothers to launch their newest attack on public sector unions. Daylin Leach back in the news...looks like his efforts to redeem himself are not going so well. Following Pennsylvania’s explosive report sexual abuse by Catholic priests, NY and NJ ready their own investigations. Lytle Hall mold refuses eviction notice despite crews bleaching the walls. KU History professor and mold enthusiast, Mike Gambone, delivers moldy ceiling tiles to Kutztown University administration.

Sean’s going to Star Fleet Academy - at least in today’s Last Call. He gets some schooling on positive examples of our socialist future. Elon Musk talks Boring Company while smoking some Mary Jane. Free Will has a double can release tomorrow. Brut – Brut IPA and Pink Guava Muse – Imperial Oat Pale Ale w/Milk Sugar & Pink Guava. Available at both locations.