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Oct 2018

Out d’Coup | McConnell Says Time to Cut New Deal Social Programs; Richard Ojeda; Jamal Khashoggi Killing; Oh, Canada; Wagner’s Golf Spikes; PA 10th Tightening; Hyperloop; Beer; and, Ozark

October 20, 2018

Mitch McConnell blames Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for rising deficits for the rising deficits, not the trillion dollar tax cut. Just like we said he would. The very thing that Paul Ryan had signaled last year.


The Young Turks turn the spotlight on Richard Ojeda’s political ads in West Virginia representing the kind of “unafraid to fight back” kind of spirit that the Democrats seem afraid to embrace.


The story about Jamal Khashoggi just gets more disturbing the more we learn. And, of course, Trump throws in with the Saudis and calls the case another example of “you’re guilty until proven innocent.”


Oh, Canada, Oh, Canada! It’s 420 24/7 as pot is legalized in the Great White North.


Koch Funded Dark Money Lord of PA, Matthew Brouillette, takes to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to raise the alarm bells. He warns that unions in Pennsylvania may provide the organizing needed to flip the House.


Scott Wagner decided that self-immolation was the best way to torch his campaign. He takes to Facebook Live to yell at a billboard and threatens to stomp Governor Wolf’s face with golf spikes.


The Pennsylvania GOP’s messaging on socialism is so great that 52 percent of Pennsylvanians support some form of socialist single-payer health care. Thank you PA GOP.


ALEC……...Baldwin was in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Wednesday.  Well, not really. ALEC - American Legislative Exchange Council - lobbyists swarmed the capitol for their Convention of the States rally and Sean bird-dogged their private meeting.


The PA 10th is still tight. Democratic challenger George Scott raised three times as much money as Scott Perry, the Republican incumbent. 538 still has the race as lean Republican, though. We shall see.


The Hyperloop is coming! That’s right, we can’t fix our roads and bridges, but the Republican dominated PA House is all for a study on building an Elon Musk-esque Hyperloop between Philly and Pittsburgh. And, the Pennsylvania Senate leaves town without passing a bill for Catholic Church abuse survivors.


In today’s Last Call, we take a look at Free Will’s new release - the “Race Against Time,” a, Orange Creamsicle-inspired IPA will be out Saturday. The brewery postponed until next week the release of their Pineapple Rant Can Release. They weren’t happy with what they had so wanted to make sure the quality was what we all expect.

Kevin and Sean also spend a little time talking about the Netflix series Ozark. Unlike Sean, Kevin takes Sean’s streaming recommendations seriously.