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Feb 2019

Out d’Coup | Green New Deal; SOU; More 2020 Dems Announce; SCOTUS; VA House Cleaning; Bezos; Wolf’s Budget; Raise the Wage; KP Summit; Daylin Sues; Free Will

February 8, 2019

AOC and Ed Markey roll out the Green New Deal! It’s the first big, bold initiatives the Democrats have had since I’ve been around. It’s got many Democrats, environmental activists, and people who want to avoid a dystopian future super pumped. Nancy Pelosi message tests dismissive “Green Dream” talking point...AOC does some jujitsu with that message.

Trump does Dr. Seuss during the state of the union. “If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.” Nancy Pelosi lights up the internet, becoming the “Queen of Condescending Applause

Ryan Grim reports that less than a month after the 2018 midterms, a top health care aide to Nancy Pelosi told executives from Blue Cross Blue Shield not to worry about calls for Medicare for All. He assured them that Democratic leadership will side with the insurance companies and campaign against Medicare for All .

Supreme Court halts Louisiana anti-abortion bill.

Cory Booker is the latest to announce that he’s running for president. Elizabeth Warren set to officially launch her campaign tomorrow in Lawrence Massachusetts. Amy Klobuchar set to announce whether she’ll run in an event on Sunday in Minneapolis. And old school Democrats on pins and needles to see if Uncle Joe will swoop in and Make the Democratic Party Neoliberal Again.

And what the hell Virginia. One hell of a house-cleaning coming up.

Bezos and National Enquirer.

Tom Wolf releases a no-frills budget and GOP Leadership is eager to work with him on his proposed tax cuts. Dems gonna Dem. Tom Wolf released his minimum wage proposal to raise the wage to $12/hr and work its way up to $15 by 2024, but Pat Harkins, the Dem chair of House Labor and Industry committee, wants to find a less ambitious plan

Speaking about raising the wage, House Republicans invited two libertarian economists to speak in front of the Labor and Industry committee and they advocated for eliminating the minimum wage and claimed that minimum wage laws are “racist.”

Scumbag Daylin Leach sues three #metoo activists for bringing his allegations to light. He’s gone as far as sending a private investigator to try and harm one of the defendants living arrangements.

Sean gives us his take on this year’s Keystone Progress Summit in Pittsburgh.

Free Will Brewing is hosting a Pre-Valentine Beer Pairing with Tre' Locally Sourced on Wednesday, February 13th at the Perkasie Brewery. 5-course beer & food pairing in the heart of our brewery, the Sour Cellar. Tomorrow, Free Will is releasing  Orange Colored Malcontent – Double IPA with Cara Cara Oranges & Milk Sugar – 9.5% ABV.

Sean crashes Pittsburgh fundraiser.