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Jun 2018

Out d’Coup | Coming Autocracy; No Cake for You; Funding Media; Ocasio-Cortez Shows the Way; Scott “The Penguin” Wagner; PA Catholic Church; DSA Rocks; PA Promise; Space News, Beer, and Kitchen.Snapz

June 8, 2018

Preparing for the coming autocracy, Trump talks about pardoning himself. US Ambassador to Germany says he is interested in helping bolster the far-right in Europe. Giuliani tells the Wall Street Journal that Kim Jong Un got “on his hands and knees and begged” American diplomats to come to the June 12 Summit in Singapore as originally planned. That should go over well. Trump disinvites the Philadelphia Eagles after no one from the team was going to show to the white house. 

No Cake for you! Supreme Court rule that religious baker had the right to not bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. According to a recent report from Zillow Research, the next recession is expected by 2020. 

Jahan Wilcox, a spokesperson for EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, calls a journalist a “piece of trash” when asked for comment about recent resignations. Conservative Stanford Professor asks his students to do oppo research on a progressive undergraduate student - “get the dirt, he said in emails”. Great piece in the Columbia Journalism Review on class and funding journalism. 

Bronx Activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez taking on the Democratic Machine in her challenge of the 4th most powerful Dem in the House, Joseph Crowley. David Koch steps down from Koch Industries and the Koch political machine. UN report says Donald Trump’s administration is forcing millions of Americans into financial ruin and poverty.

Senator Scott "Soprano" Wagner resigns from the PA Senate. Wagner’s first political stunt since leaving office involved going into a poor minority community of Philadelphia to browbeat the city because the grass at a local park wasn’t mowed. Scott Wagner compared to The Penguin from Batman?  Is that a bridge too far? Is it immature? Have we really lost our sense of decorum? Marcel Groen punches down.

PA Promise was introduced on Wednesday (finally). Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is killing political cartoons that are critical of Trump. PA Judge rejects attempts by the Catholic Church to delay publishing a grand jury report about sex abuse by priests and cover-ups by religious leaders. The grand jury report focused on six of eight Catholic dioceses: Allentown, Scranton, Harrisburg, Erie, Greensburg, and Pittsburgh. 

Philly DSA members join Poor People's Campaign to rally for a healthy environment and health care for all. Philadelphia Berniecrats win South Philly ward seats that were once controlled by Johnny Doc and his machine. 

New week we launch “Free Range” a collaborative podcast with Colleen Fitzgerald from, A Home, Stony Run.

Air Force Space Command hands over responsibility for fighting hackers in cyberspace to the Air Combat Command. NASA’s new climate denying administer, Jim Bridenstine, says it’s time to bring in the privateers to the International Space Station and space exploration. NASA’s International Space Station, not actually for sale. Think of it more like a mall. NASA reveals that Antarctica’s largest iceberg is about to melt away near South America. 

Free Will has some great stuff out this week and hit the canning hard this week to have lots in stock. Check out: 

  • Guerrilla Grafting – Pastel IPA with rice, milk sugar, and lychee fruit – 8.7% ABV released this week. That’s a collaboration with Levante Brewing
  • Another Levante Brewing collab is out, DDH Cloudy² – Double Dry Hopped New England-style IPA – 6.7% ABV
  • Race Against Time – Orange Creamsicle-inspired IPA – 7.2% ABV, a Collaboration with Chatty Monks Brewing
  • still going to recommend checking out last week’s release of Judo Financing, New England-style IPA with Key Limes; and, DEFINITELY check out Duct Tape and Zip Ties – House Pilsner
  • If you’ve got some beer tips that you think we should give a shout out to, send us an email at ragingchickenpress@gmail.com with the subject line “Last Call Tips.”

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