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Oct 2018

Out d’Coup | Alarming IPCC Report; Hurricane Michael; Senate Dems Help GOP Pack Courts; Khashoggi Killing; Voter Suppression; Wagner, Diamond, and Silk; New PA Koch PAC; Wild Space; Free Will Releases

October 12, 2018

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report arguing that we only have 12 years to slow down the disastrous effects of climate change. Some climate scientists, on the other hand, say that the report was too cautious. Speaking of climate change, Hurricane Michael exploded from a tropical storm to a devastating Category 4 hurricane in a mere 72 hours.  Hurricane Michael was the fourth Category 4 hurricane to hit the United States in the past 16 months. It was the first Cat 4 to ever hit the Florida panhandle. Nearly a dozen people were killed, but that number is expected to rise. 

Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats say “thank you, sir, may I have another” as they reach a deal with Mitch McConnell to pack the courts with 15 more judges. What do the Democrats get out of the deal? They get to maintain a sense of decorum as the GOP burns down the 20th Century.

Independent Saudi journalist, and Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi, disappeared inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials now say they have video evidence that Khashoggi was captured, tortured and killed. Trump says, “he’s not a U.S. citizen, right?” Let the arms deal go through.

Election interference from GOP - more attempts to deny people the right to vote. North Dakota moves to end the right to vote for Native Americans and college students in the state. Georgia puts 53,000 voter registrations on hold. Nearly 70% of the holds were put on black Georgians. The GOP candidate for Governor, Brian Kemp, is currently Georgia’s Secretary of State. Which means he’s the guy charged with ensuring fair elections. What will that mean for Stacy Abrams campaign to become the first black Governor of the state and first black woman Governor in the country? Students on the primarily black Prairie View A&M University find that they may no longer be able to vote on campus because of misinformation from election officials.

Facebook announces that it is purging 559 pages and 251 accounts run by Americans in order to spread disinformation. Learning from Russia’s disinformation campaign during the 2016 presidential election. Susan Collins gave the most self-serving speech in support of Kavanaugh. And in a commentary on the sad state of our public life, Taylor Swift’s Instagram post in favor of Democrats results in 65,000 voter registrations in a single 24 hour period.

Scott Wagner sent out a fundraising email this week claiming that he tapped his fortune dry by dropping 10 million dollars into his campaign.  He also blamed the Republican establishment for not helping him and compared his failing campaign to a “public lynching.” As is things cannot get crazier, Scott Wagner is bringing Diamond and Silk to Philadelphia.  

New Koch Brother funded organization, Commonwealth Leaders Fund, dropped $100,000 into Jeremy Shaffer’s Senate campaign. Marty Nothstein sues the Allentown Morning Call over their reporting of his sexual harassment allegations earlier this year. DeSales University Poll has Susan Wild up by 19 points. And, a pro-Trump PAC is going to dump $700,000 into the PA 10 to help save Scott Perry.

In today’s Last Call, Voyager 2 may soon enter interstellar space - wild space - as it approaches the fringe of the heliosphere. Russian Soyuz rocket program grounded after an emergency abort last week. No one was killed, but now NASA has no way of getting people to and from the ISS.

Gritty seizes the means of production and becomes the Antifa superhero we’ve all been looking for.  Memes of the new Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot have gotten so out of hand, the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed denouncing the leftist icon. 

Free Will Brewing has got some new releases: 10.13.18  Sir Lamington – Imperial Milk Stout w/Coconut, Chocolate, & Milk Sugar. Last week, Free Will dropped Coffee Cherry Cream Pie – Cream Ale w/coffee, cherry, vanilla & milk sugar – 6.4%. Coming up on Sunday, Oct 21st from 12-5 it will be Oktoberfest at Free Will. They will have five traditional German-style beers on tap and traditional German food from the awesome folks at The Bread Box and Bakery.

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