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Jul 2021

Out d’Coup | Back from vacation; end the filibuster; climate crisis; dark money; critical race theory; PASSHE vote; Brave Noise; and, more

Out d'Coup podcast for July 16, 2021. It's our weekly politics round-up! We're back from vacation for a free-wheeling show! Today we catch up on our post-vacation reflections; discuss the pressing crises of our democracy; take a peek at dark money groups funding anti-CRT orgs and candidates in PA; check-in with the ever-green extremism of Doug Mastriano; reflect on PASSHE consolidations; and, close out with a little beer industry and a special unboxing of Sean's newest package.

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Jul 2021

Out d’Coup | SPECIAL: Colleen Bradley and Her Lawyer Dan Kearney on PASSHE Whistleblower Case

This is a special rebroadcast of our interview with whistleblower Colleen Bradley - former Vice President of Administration & Finance at West Chester University - and her lawyer, Dan Kearney. This is a follow up from last week's show from Raging Chicken's documentary about her case. Here's the description from the original podcast on March 29, 2018: 


On today’s Out d’Coup Xtra, Kevin Mahoney interviews Colleen Bradley and her lawyer, Dan Kearney, about her whistleblower case that is knocking on the door of the U.S. Supreme Court. Colleen Bradley was the former Director of Budget and Financial Planning at West Chester University who blew the whistle in 2014 about fraudulent budget practices at WCU and the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. When she outed the fraud to the university community, she was fired. Bradley’s suit initially appeared to be a textbook case of an employer retaliating against an employee for blowing the whistle on corruption and financial malpractice. However, the U.S. Third Circuit Court denied Bradley First Amendment whistleblower protection in a manner that threatens to dramatically narrow whistleblower protections for every public employee in the nation. Bradley is in the process of filing a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court to review the lower court’s decision.

If the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to review the lower court’s decision, the rights of public employees - and all potential whistleblowers - will be gutted.

Raging Chicken Press reported on Colleen Bradley’s case when she filed her 62-page complaint against West Chester University and PASSHE in 2015. The documents Bradley filed confirmed Raging Chicken’s ongoing reporting on PASSHE’s dishonest and deceptive budgeting schemes (e.g. “Wall Street on the Susquehanna”; “PASSHE’s Austerity Magic”; and, “The Persistence of Crisis at KU”). Her case also provided concrete evidence in support of an independent audit commissioned by the faculty union APSCUF in late 2014, which raised concerned about PASSHE’s creative accounting practices. And yet, despite reams of evidence, the people responsible for the fraud at West Chester and other PASSHE universities have not been held accountable and, as the recently released “Bunsis Report” showed, the same deceptive practices continue.

And now, PASSHE’s decision to retaliate against Colleen Bradley for blowing the whistle on their deceptions has the additional consequence of putting all future whistleblowers at risk. Today’s Out d’Coup Xtra focuses on the legal issues at stake in her First Amendment whistleblower case. 

Jul 2021

Out d’Coup | SPECIAL: Colleen Bradley - PASSHE Whistleblower - A Raging Chicken Documentary from 2018

On this week's Out d'Coup podcast, we've got something timely and special. We are on vacation this week, so we look through the archives for something that will be useful today. Given PASSHE's plans to consolidate 6 universities into 2 and the on-going deception by PASSHE administrators, we wanted to take you back to a documentary we did in 2018 with an amazing woman who blew the whistle on PASSHE's deceptive, if not fraudulent, budgeting practices: Colleen Bradley, former Vice President of Administration and Finance at West Chester University. Kevin gives some context in the intro. Here's the description from the original release in 2018: 


Colleen Bradley tells Raging Chicken Press editor, Kevin Mahoney, about the budget fraud she uncovered at West Chester University and other Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education universities. Bradley was hired as WCU's Director of Budget and Financial Planning in 2011. In less than a year, she uncovered deceitful budgeting practices that hid huge surpluses all the while promoting a "budget crisis" narrative to the public, to faculty, and to students. For exposing this deception, she was fired. Part 2 will focus on Bradley's decision to file a whistleblower case after she was fired in 2014. Bradley's lawyers, Dan Kearney and Ed Mazurek, thought her case was a "slam dunk." However, strange things began to happen as the case made its way into the Federal Court system. Despite solid, documented evidence of fraudulent practices and sworn depositions from her boss, a U.S. District Court is denying her whistleblower protection. Now Bradley and her legal team are making a direct appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the U.S. Supreme Court allows the lower court's decision to stand, we will see a historic narrowing of whistleblower protections for all public employees at the very time that corruption is running rampant at the highest levels of power.

For a preview of the legal case, you can listen to Raging Chicken's podcast with Colleen Bradley and Dan Kearney from March 29, 2018 here:

http://bit.ly/ColleenBradleyPodcast1 Part 2 of the video will be released in the coming days.

Jun 2021

Out d’Coup | Buffalo to Get Socialist Mayor; Infrastructure Deal; Pacific NW Heat Wave; Idea Police in FL; Brandi Levy Wins in SCOTUS; Assault on Voting in PA; PASSHE; DuckDuckGo; Seder Owns Crowder

India Walton, the socialist candidate for mayor of Buffalo, NY won the Democratic Party primary on Tuesday, all but securing her election in the fall, given that Buffalo is a deeply blue city. Walton will become Buffalo’s first female mayor and will with the first socialist to lead a major American city since sewer socialists ran Milwaukee, Wisconsin in early 20th century. She beat Mayor Byron Brown, a four-term incumbent and close ally of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and ran a campaign focused on returning power to working people in New York State's second largest city. 

Biden signals he’ll back the new bi-partisan infrastructure bill as long as Congress sends him a second bill at the same time that includes investments in our social infrastructure cut from the bipartisan agreement. That second bill will most likely need to run through the reconciliation process. Already, Sen. Lindsay Graham is bolting. 

The Pacific Northwest is expected to be hit by an extreme heatwave this weekend. The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures as high as 109 degrees. The heatwave comes as the region is already experiencing a significant drought and high fire risk. One more argument for why climate changes needs to be front and center of the infrastructure bill - those very measures that were cut from the bipartisan agreement

Joseph McCarthy...check that...I mean, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis has signed a bill into law that will cut university funds if it finds that critical race theory or any other intellectual pursuit that does not hum to the tune of a whitewashed version of American history. The bill encouraged students to record classes to rat on professors who deviate from GOP sanctioned speech. 

Huge supreme court decision protecting free-speech in the cast of PA high school cheerleader Brandi Levy

PA GOP continues its assault on voting rights

One week left in public comment about PASSHE consolidation plans. 

The International Space Station got some new solar panels this week. 

Hope some of you caught last night’s Strawberry Super Moon.

DuckDuckGo, a Chester County-based search engine the claims not to share or collect any of your private information is making moves to launch a full-scale desktop browser.

Twitter was all a-buzz this week as Sam Seder - host of the Majority Report - surprised the horrible right-wing YouTuber, Steven Crowder on the H3 podcast with Ethan Klein. Crowder had been avoiding a debate with Seder for years. His public meltdown, I admit, was a joy to watch


Jun 2021

Out d’Coup | Special Co-Hosts: Shanna Danielson and Angela Valvano from Sisters of the Night Caucus Podcast

Out d'Coup podcast for Friday, June 18, 2021. Sean is on his National Lampoon Vacation across the country with his family - latest sightings indicate his in Utah. So, as friend-of-the-show Chris puts is: Our Friday politics round-up is getting an upgrade.
On this week's show, I am joined by two guests hosts from the Sisters of the Night Caucus podcast, Shanna Danielson and Angela Valvano!
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Jun 2021

Out d’Coup | Manchin, the Filibuster, and the End of Biden’s Big Agenda; PA Republicans Prep Us for 2022 Election; Space News; Notch Brewing; New Shows

Joe Manchin decides to sink hopes of passing voting protections laid out in the For the People Act, taking out an editorial in West Virginia newspapers to spew nonsense about bipartisanship. His move happens, of course, while Republican state legislatures are passing voter suppression laws at a breakneck pace. 

A similar fate awaits Biden’s infrastructure plan as Manchin and Sinema refuse to get rid of the filibuster. Talks between Biden and West Virginia’s Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito fell apart after it was clear the Republican position “did not meet the essential needs of our country to restore our roads and bridges, prepare us for our clean energy future, and create jobs,” according to a statement from White House press secretary Jen Psaki. A new bipartisan proposal from a group of 10 senators led by Krysten Sinema and Mitt Romney was developed late yesterday, but sounds like it will gut all investment in climate infrastructure. Senator Markey and other Democratic Senators have said they will not vote for a bill that does not invest in necessary climate infrastructure. 

Turns out Trump’s justice department was secretly subpoenaing phone and other records from Democrats on House Intelligence committee. The practice continued under Biden’s administration until just a couple of weeks ago. 

The Keystone XL pipeline is dead

PA Republicans propose major changes in the Commonwealth’s election law, calling for stricter voter ID rules and restrictions on early voting. 

PA Republicans spent a good part of the week with attacks on women’s rights, passing more restrictive anti-abortion laws. 

The PA Senate also gleefully  passed a bill that prohibits PA health secretary from “mandating stay-at-home orders, imposing masking and social distancing guidelines, and ordering business closures.” The PA legislature also voted to end Gov. Tom Wolf’s pandemic disaster declaration this week. Republican Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward joyfully proclaimed: “for all practical purposes, the state of emergency in our Commonwealth is over.”

PASSHE hearings were held this week and Chancellor Daniel Greenstein spent much of the hearing happy texting on his phone. However, as Bill Schackner reported, with over 100 individuals calling in with comments, only ONE person endorsed plans for consolidation. 

Jeff Bezos announces that he is going to space with his brother for Blue Origin’s first crewed suborbital mission. Bezos announced his intentions in an Instagram video in which he said, “You see the earth from space and it changes you. It changes your relationship with this planet, with humanity. It’s one Earth. I want to go on this flight because it’s the thing I’ve wanted to do all my life. It’s an adventure. It’s a big deal for me.” Ah yes, that warm fuzzy feeling you get when the richest person on the planet gets to live out his boyhood dreams, built on the back of massive exploitation of Amazon’s workers. 

NASA says that Russia may pull out of the International Space Station. Russia has been a key international partner on the ISS since the beginning. NASA’s Chief administrator, Bill Nelson, is concerned that Russia may be looking to work more closely with China now that China has begun to build its own space station and has big lunar ambitions. 

Notch Brewing: Brave Noise - Pale Ale, brewed to show solidarity for all those that have suffered discriminatory behavior in the workplace, now available at our Salem Tap Room & Biergarten in 16oz 4-packs and on draft. The release party featuring @lagerdogofficial official and donation opportunities for @pinksbootssociety starts at 6pm!

New Show - Space Left

Jun 2021

Out d’Coup | Election Audit Sham; Voter Suppression; Against Civility; Mastriano in AZ; Metcalfe Gun Party; Ryan Costello Meltdown; NASA to Venus; Nichelle Nichols Doc; Book Recs; Sean’s Vacation

The Arizona Republican election audit sham led by the QAnon owner of “Cyber Ninjas,” is quickly becoming the launching pad for a national, right-wing organizing strategy to delegitimize democracy and fan the flames of extremism. 

CNN reports that QAnon inspired right-wing radicals are taking to Telegram - a social messaging platform that is far more welcoming of extremists - to deepen their conspiracies and plan. Congressional sources told CNN that they are especially concerned about plans to support Trump’s re-installation as president in August. 

This past weekend, former national security adviser Michael Flynn seemed to endorse a coup at the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup,” a QAnon conference in Dallas, TX. When Flynn was asked why can’t a military coup like the one happening in Myanmar happen in the United States, Flynn replied: “No Reason. I mean, it should happen here. No reason.” You’ll recall that it was also Flynn who called on Trump to invoke martial law to force new elections in key states. 

Meanwhile, the anti-democracy movement has been hard at work on their inside game as Republican lawmakers have continued to pass voting restrictions around the country. The Washington Post reports that this year has seen the introduction of 253 bills designed to restrict voting across 43 states, according to a new report from the Brennan Center. As of mid-May, 22 voting restrictions laws have been passed in 14 states.  

Media Matters for America released a list of all the QAnon supporters running for Congress in 2022. 

Miami is considering a proposal to build a 20 foot sea wall to save the city from the impacts of climate change. As reported in New York Times, “Six miles of it, in fact, mostly inland, running parallel to the coast through neighborhoods — except for a one-mile stretch right on Biscayne Bay, past the gleaming sky-rises of Brickell, the city’s financial district.”

The FBI is investigating Trump appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for illegal political fundraising for Trump. 

Trump’s blog is shut down for good only a month after its launch.
Daryl Metcalfe’s annual Right to Bear Arms Rally is this Monday. 

The Arizona election audit sham attracted PA State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Senator Chris Dush, and State Representative Rob Kauffman to travel to the state like moths to the flame. 

Mastriano finally makes it to prime time. On Wednesday night, on Chris Hayes’s All In, Mastriano features prominently in the opening segment about the rise of dangerous, anti-democracy movement. The report points to Mastriano’s visit to Arizona as case in point in how it all works. 

State Senator Scott Perry ran into the woods to avoid taking questions from local media, according to Raw Story

Former State Rep. Ryan Costello is not OK. At least that’s how things seemed last night on Twitter. Apparently, PA Spotlight is squatting in his head after they published info showing that Costello donates to a school board PAC that recruits QAnon conspiracy nuts to run for office

State Sen. Lindsey Williams is preparing to introduce a bill in the PA Senate requiring lawmakers to publicly post how they are spending millions of dollars in tax-payer funded expenses. 

The New Jersey GOP primary for this year’s race for Governor has turned into a Trump bootlicker competition. 

Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala found himself in a scandal this week.  He sent an email to prosecutors telling them to stop accepting plea deals from a black lawyer who called his office “systemically racist.”  Way to pull a racism, DA Zappala.

On Wednesday, NASA administrator Bill Nelson announced that the space agency is planning two missions to Venus in the late 2020s. The two missions, DAVINCI+ and VERITAS will gather evidence about possible microbial live in Venus’s atmosphere and more thoroughly map the planet’s surface. It's been over three decades since NASA launched missions to Venus. 

A new documentary, Woman in Motion, tells the story of how Nichelle Nichols, famous for her ground-breaking role as Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek, pioneered the NASA recruiting program to higher people of color and the first women astronauts in the 1970s and 1980s. The documentary is streaming on Paramount+.

Grist releases a list of new environmental films that you should add to your watch list.  

Books to read: 

Will Sean be live-blogging his vacation?

May 2021

Out d’Coup | Kill the Filibuster; Infrastructure; Climate Trifecta; Blimps; The Mastriano Files; Critical Race Theory; Craft Beer MeToo Reckoning; Space News

More pressure to end the filibuster as Republican Senators refuse to back the Jan 6 commission.

More momentum for Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure proposal. A new polls shows that a majority of Pennsylvanians support the proposal, by the way. 

It was a trifecta for the climate on Wednesday.

A Dutch court ordered Royal Dutch Shell to cut its global carbon emissions by 45% by the end of 2030 in a case brought by Friends of the Earth. 

Shareholder activists pushed out two of Exxon’s hand-picked board members and elected members who “pledged to steer the company toward cleaner energy and away from oil and gas.”

And, shareholders at Chevron voted 61% to cut its emissions. Another proposal that would have required the company to prepare a report on the impact its business would have from the net zero 2050 scenario, lost with 48% of the vote. 

ConocoPhillips has a unique solution to the melting of Alaskan permafrost on Alaska’s North Slope - refreeze the permafrost so you can drill. 

A UK-based blimp company is looking to deploy hybrid airships for shorter trips between places like Liverpool and Belfast or Barcelona to the Balearic Islands. The company, Hybrid Air Vehicles, says replacing air and ship traffic with its airships could cut emissions by 90%.

Half of all U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

New book finally exposes Bernie Sanders as a sham! Yes, you will not believe what this foot soldier of the ruling elite demand! When he’s on the road he demands hotel rooms with...wait for it...a KING BED and temperatures as low as 64 degrees! The hypocrite!

Ladies and Gents (long pause) we got him.  Sedition Hunters, online sleuths, angry partisans and supporters of the ruling elite unearthed video footage that showed State Senator Doug Mastriano breaching police barricades & walking towards the capitol steps minutes before the building was breached on January 6th.  This latest round of reporting completely undermines the stories and statements Mastriano gave to reporters and Senate leadership in the days following the insurrection. 

If that’s not bad enough, Senator Mastirano issued a statement attacking the Huffington Post for reporting on this story and reporting on the fact that he posed for pictures with Sam Lazar, an insurrectionist wanted by the FBI for using bear spray on police officers.  Mastriano compared the photos to Obama taking pictures with Bill Ayers or Louis Farrakhan. Mastriano’s statements prompted reporters to dig more into his connections with Lazar and showed that he has posed for photos with Lazar at least 5 times over the past year.

Keeping up with the insurrection, Sandy Weyer, another Mastriano associate who is known as “Sedition Sandy,” was named in an FBI affidavit for entering the capitol on January 6th.  

Talking about Senator Mastriano.  The Arizona Mirror, a sibling outlet related to the Pennsylvania Capital Star, reported that Senator Mastriano ordered an unauthorized audit of the 2020 election in Fulton County.  The company that conducted the audit is associated with Sydney Powell and the Stop the Steal Movement.  On top of that, they spoiled over $20,000 worth of election equipment that couldn’t be used in the previous primary. 

Reps. Russ Diamond and Barabar Gleim began seeking co-sponsors for legislation that would penalize any school that teaches “critical race theory.” 

Another Bucks County, PA man, Leonard Ridge, was arrested for allegedly taking part in the Jan 6 insurrection. Ridge bragged about his involvement on Snapchat.

The battle of the billionaire space barons is heating up and the Senate prepares a $10 billion dollar bailout for Jeff Bezos’s “Blue Origin” after his fufus were hurt after he lost the bid to SpaceX for the moon lander. 

The European Space Agency is looking to develop a GPS and communication network around the Moon to aid in Earth-to-Moon communications for future missions. 

The chickens are coming home to roost in the craft beer industry. Brienne Allan, a production manager at Notch Brewing in Salem, MA asked an open-ended question on her Instagram account: Is anyone else experiencing sexist comments? As reported on Boston’s WBUR, “The answer was this cascade of experiences, flooding her private messages with a deluge of trauma. …’It escalated really quickly into people talking about sexual violence and sexual harassment, racism from owners and superiors and just how, the HR system in general is just failing people right now,’ Allan said. ‘It just escalated out of control. I have over a thousand stories up now’."

The reckoning is ONLY BEGINNING

May 2021

Out d’Coup | Israel and Palestine; New Right-Wing Donor Network; F150 Lightning; PA Progressive Victories; PA State Senator Spurs; PASSHE; Space News; Beer News

We are back and we survived the gas shortage of 2021!

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire after more than a week of intense violence that led to at least 243 Palestinian deaths - more than 60 were childrent - and 12 Israeli deaths, as reported by the BBC. Looks like that ceasefire may not last the day. 

Republican Senators will not get on board legislation calling for a bi-partisan commission looking into the January 6 insurrection. Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio gives Republicans a lashing. 

New reporting in ProPublica shows that the Trump era helped launch a new breed of donor who now have significant influence over the Republican Party. 

According to a newly compiled report by the EPA, climate change is already having a significant impact on the U.S. - not to mention the rest of the world. EPA administrator Michael Regan said, “There is no small town, big city or rural community that is unaffected by the climate crisis...Americans are seeing and feeling the impacts up close, with increasing regularity.” As reported in the New York Times, those impacts include bigger wildfires that start earlier in the year; warmer seas; more frequent heat waves; persistent flooding; and, even ragweed pollen season is starting earlier.

Ford launches what may be a game changer in the electric vehicle market. On Wednesday, Ford unveiled the all-electric F150 Lightning, which performs better than combustion engine models in many metrics. However, its $39,974 pricetag that is likely to mark a turning point. At just under $40,000 the F150 Lightning is competitive with Tesla’s base model Model 3, currently the most popular electric vehicle in the country. 

The big F150 lightning reveal follows Biden’s visit to the Ford plant in Dearborn, MI the day before, to pitch his EV plan. The EV plan, which is folded into Biden’s infrastructure bill, calls for $174 billion in consumer tax credits, support of US battery production, and funds to retool car plants to assemble EV’s.  

This may sound like a broken record player, but progressives across Pennsylvania once again celebrated huge primary victories.

In not so progressive news, but shocking to say the least, Wanda Williams defeated Harrisburg’s mayor Eric Papenfuse.  Williams raised $30k and was vastly outspent by Eric Papenfuse, Dave Schankweiler and Otto Banks.  Wanda won by linking Papenfuse to his Republican donors and to Schankweiler and Banks, who were Republicans running as Democrats. 

House Representative Marty Flynn wins his special election to replace former Senator John Blake.  The district has been trending red for some time, but Flynn was able to hold onto the seat.  Blake left the Pennsylvania Senate to work for Congressman Matt Cartwright earlier this year 

In other news, go grab your spurs cowboy! Doug Mastriano is preparing his run for Governor and is already taking shots at Lou Barletta’s extremely white teeth.  Mastriano held a fundraiser with Rudy Giuliani last week and was spotted posing for photographs with an insurrectionist wanted for spraying bear spray at the capitol police during the January 6th attack on the capitol. 

PA Senate Democratic Caucus continue hearings on PASSHE consolidation plan. This week’s hearings included testimony by faculty, staff, students, university leaders, and community members. 

Cyril Mychalejko’s new piece just dropped, saying “Only a political uprising can save PA’s higher education system.”  Mychalejko echos what we’ve been saying for years on this program: only organizing and direct action gets the goods. 

In his first hearings after taking over as NASA’s Chief administrator, Bill Nelson pledges to move forward with the Artemis moon program and Mars ambitions while stoking fears that China is on course to dominate the future of space exploration. 

China becomes the second country to successfully “soft-land” a rover on Mars. The Zhurong rover successfully landed last Friday, May 14. On Wednesday, the rover sent back some selfies and images of Mars. The Zhurong rover is part of China’s Tianwen-1 mission that arrived in Martian orbit back in February.

A little further in the weeds, SpaceX grabs the contract for Firefly Aerospace’s Blue Ghost lunar lander in 2023. According to Firefly, “Blue Ghost will be carrying 10 payloads for NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) task order 19D mission, in addition to separately contracted commercial payloads.” Yes, the next round of Moon exploration is really a thing, folks. 

In some ‘not so good’ beer news, Tired Hands’ owner Jean Broillet IV was pushed out of day-to-day operations by employees for allegations of racism, sexism and unsafe working conditions throughout the pandemic.  When confronted, he stepped down immediately.  The staff posted on the company's Instagram account that they will keep the brewery running as they look for new leadership.  This story comes as a reckoning is happening throughout the craft beer industry.

It’s Sour Sunday this Sunday at Free Will Brewing and they have a new release to celebrate: Catch Lightning; DDH Love Letter from the 90s; Kragle Light. And, Free Will just opened a new tap room in Souderton, PA at the Broad Street Theater

May 2021

REPLAY: Out d’Coup LIVE from March 22, 2021| Future of PASSHE: Fail Fast, Dissolve, or Organize

Out d'Coup's Friday politics round-up is off this week. I thought that since we've been talking a lot about PASSHE Chancellor Greenstein's plans to "redesign" PA public higher ed that I'd post a replay of an Out d'Coup LIVE from March in which I breakdown some of the history of "PASSHE-in-crisis" and Chancellor Greenstein's rhetorical strategies to get people to buy into his plans for consolidation and austerity under his "redesign" brand. 

Kevin Mahoney


The Chancellor of the PA State System of Higher Education, Dan Greenstein, has dropped a few bombshells this week about the future of the 14 state owned university system. Public higher education in PA is facing an uncertain future now. We'll be taking your calls about PASSHE and the future of public higher ed.

Sound from this week's PA State Senate higher ed appropriation hearings, unpacking the rhetorical strategy of PASSHE Chancellor, and so much more. 

A special shout out to Jonathan Mann who wrote our intro song, “There Are No People in the Future.” Check out all is great stuff on his YouTube page and follow him on Twitter @songadaymann

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