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Mar 2020

Out d’Coup | Coronavirus Pandemic; A Window Into Our Future; Bernie’s Last Stand; Free Will and Saucony Creek Releases

It’s a pandemic and Fox News is killing its viewers. Here’s a little video about what NOT to do.

A lot has happened in the presidential race. Sean and Kevin will talk about where things are in the Democratic primary and what the way forward looks like. 

Gov. Wolf orders significant closures in Montgomery County after the number of cases in the county jumped to 13. If you have to stay home from work due to the coronavirus, will you be paid if you live in PA? Not unless you live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Google tells all its employees home to telecommute. But if you are a contract worker for Google in Pittsburgh and around the world, you better get your ass to work

And heads up everybody, Milton Friedman’s disciples are chomping at the bit...never let a good crisis go to waste, right? And as Mark Huelsman wrote in Inside Higher Ed, public universities may not be able to handle the impact of the coronavirus crisis. And as our own PASSHE universities close and move to all-online instruction due to the coronavirus, the for-profit “curriculum delivery services” are going to be like vultures over roadkill. 

In today’s last call, Kevin has the latest on Free Will releases and looks back to a big release day last weekend. This weekend it’s Safeword - Imperial IPA with mangoes and habaneros, hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Chinook. 10.2% ABV⁣. Last weekend it was Orange Colored Malcontent, Sun Servants, and The Truth About Birds

Right before Kevin’s spring break, he paid a visit to Saucony Creek Brewing in Kutztown and stocked up. He’ll give you the lowdown on Unicorn Hazed and Confused, So Hot Right Now, Tears of the Squonk, and Topaz Rain, Unfortunately, he was one day early for their latest release of Salted Caramel Chocolate Porter. It looks amazing.


Dec 2019

Out d’Coup | It’s a Holiday Surprise from the Out d’Coup Archives. Taking the Wayback Machine to December 2016

On today’s show - it's a special archive edition of Out d'Coup. We did our last new show of 2019 this past Monday, but the joy doesn't stop. We didn't want to leave our devoted listeners high and dry, so we dipped into the archive. Kevin Mahoney introduces the episode reflecting upon the past several years. We hope you like it!

Here's the original description: 

Out d’Coup | Winter is Coming! We’re Back Talking Trumplandia, Normalizing White Supremacy, and new Raging Chicken Contributors

December 14, 2016

It’s December 14, 2016. Raging Chicken Radio is back! Trumplandia is coming folks and we are rebuilding and getting ready for the fights ahead. We have been off the air since mid-September and to say that a lot has happened, is the understatement of the decade.  This is Kevin Mahoney, editor, and founder of Raging Chicken Press - Welcome to Raging Chicken Radio’s Out d’Coup podcast. Sean Kitchen and I are back and ready to take on Trump’s Suicide Squad and the tide of right-wing politics in PA.

If you've been following us online, you know we now have a team of six contributors and our membership base is growing. But we can’t' keep up the fight without your help. Take a minute to BECOME A MEMBER of Raging Chicken for as little as $2/month. Come in at the $5/month level and you're really helping us out. Not ready to become a member. No problem. Just drop us a one-time DONATION in an amount of your choosing. 

Thanks for all your support!

Dec 2019

Out d’Coup | Closing Out 2019; Impeachment; Greta Trolls Trump; Pelosi-Corleone; UK v. Finland; Proud Boy Party; Jeffries v. Perry in PA-10 Space Force; Free Will Releases

Impeachment moves forward. Mitch McConnell makes it clear that he’s working hand-in-glove with the White House to coordinate impeachment trial.

And while the House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi used the cover to collude with Trump to bang through the new NAFTA. David Dayen put it best - it was a Godfather-esque move: 

“In the climactic scene of The Godfather, Michael Corleone attends the baptism of his sister Connie’s baby, as his henchmen ritually slaughter all the heads of New York’s Five Families. Corleone tightened his control over organized crime while standing in church, quietly renouncing Satan.”

Greta Thunberg gets Time Magazine’s person of the year. Trump attacks her. She goes hard troll right back. Anti-bullying crusader Melania Trump says Greta had it coming to her. 

Joe Biden is reportedly signaling that he will only run for one term

Jeff Van Drew decides to switch parties over impeachment, and in response, his office resigns en masse.

Despite saying he didn’t want any big bank money, Pete Buttigieg's campaign is rolling in it

Center for American Progress is spreading disinformation about Bernie’s Medicare for All plan. That shows what happens when you are searching for a new donor base. 

Virginia Governor Unveils Plan for Free Community College.

And, WTF just happened in the UK and how are corporate Dems going to use it to try to undermine support for Sanders and Warren.

And as COP 25 features dire warnings once again, the good news is that there is a farming boom is happening in Alaska. Yup. Time to head to the great white north. 

Finland’s new parliament is dominated by women under 35 and their new prime minister, Sanna Marin, became the world’s youngest prime minister at 34. 

Donald Trump and his out of state circus of traveling dead-heads stormed into Central Pennsylvania last week.  And to welcome these degenerates, Bobby Jeffries hosted a Roger Stone themed Christmas fundraiser with the leader of the Proud Boys and Danielle Stella, the Republican who is running against Ilhan Omar and was permanently banned from Twitter for suggesting that Omar should be hanged.  Jefferies is challenging and running to the right of Scott Perry in the PA 10 primary.

The fundraiser was supposed to be held last Monday at the Rotunda Brew Pub in Hershey, but activists were able to infiltrate the guest list and chased the Proud Boys to a dingy VFW and to celebrate, local Dems hung with Eugene DePasquale and Tom Briar at the Rotunda Brewery.  

Thank you, thank you to Branko Marcetic and his recent article in In These Times, “Trump’s Space Force is No Joke.” Yes, like I have been arguing, the left should be paying attention and not just mocking what’s happening in space policy. 

Free Will releasesRelax & Chill - Hazy Pale Ale  &  More Structure - Hazy IPA. 

This Sunday, Free Will is hosting Breakfast with SantaWe will also be hosting our annual Tenderheartz Inc. blanket collection this day. Bring in a new blanket and get a complimentary pint!

Dec 2019

Out d’Coup | Impeachment Ramps Up; UN Climate Warnings; Dem Presidential Polling Rundown; New Directions for the Chicken; Thanksgiving Reflections; Free Will Events and Releases

We'd love your feedback about new directions for Raging Chicken's Out d'Coup podcast for 2020 and beyond. Can you take a minute to give us your feedback? If you can, click here: 


Formal impeachment hearings began in the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday with a panel of four Constitutional lawyers discussing grounds for impeachment. It was quite a civics lesson. 

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a formal press conference to call on House Committees to draft articles of impeachment. Pelosi was quite serious during her announcement but got pissed when a journalist asked her if she hated Trump. That was apparently one step too far. She’s a Catholic, for Christ’s sake, she don’t hate nobody. 

The UN Climate Change Summit - aka COP 25 - being held in Madrid got underway this week. A new report released by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ahead of the Summit shows that the world has failed to meet goals set in the Paris Agreement. Instead, there was a 1.5% increase in emissions. The report is frank, “The summary findings are bleak. Countries collectively failed to stop the growth in global [greenhouse gas] emissions, meaning that deeper and faster cuts are now required." We are not on track to 4 degrees Celsius of warming by 2100. The Paris Agreement called for no more than 2 degrees, while last year’s UN climate report stated that anything beyond 1.5 degrees will produce catastrophic results. Emissions must now be cut by 7.6% per year beginning in 2020 to stave off the worst impacts. 

The latest polling in California shows both Warren and Biden losing some support, while Bernie and Buttigieg gain. Bernie is now edging out Warren by two percentage points (24% to 22%) - a statistical tie. Buttigieg picks up 6  percentage points, while Biden loses 6 points. It looks like the biggest loser in Buttigieg’s surge is Biden. Biden barely edges out Mayor Pete for third place - 14% - 12%. Keep in mind this poll was taken before Kamala Harris’s big announcement that she was dropping out of the race. 

The latest polls have some good news for Bernie, concerns for Warren, and the sounds of desperation from Biden’s camp. Mayor Pete’s little engine that could is still chugging along. 

  • Latest Iowa polls have Buttigieg 26% out front with Sanders at 18%, Warren at 17%, and Biden at 12%; 
  • New Hampshire has Bernie in first 26% with Buttigieg next at 22% with Warren and Biden tied at 14% 
  • Nevada has Biden ahead with 24% with Bernie and Warren closing at 18%. Buttigieg remains behind at 8%.
  • And in Biden’s one strong state, South Carolina, the latest poll has Biden at 33% - 20 points ahead of Warren at 13%, Sanders at 11%, and Buttigieg at 6%. 

New directions for Raging Chicken and Out d'Coup in 2020. Podcast changing format a bit. Interviews. Guests. Members Only content on Patreon. 

Sunday is the Annual Freeze Up 5K hosted by Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy and Free Will Brewing Company

2nd annual Freeze-Up 5K at Free Will Brewing and help us enjoy the last few days of fall.  This 5K winds through trails in Perkasie and along the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. Runners and walkers get a long-sleeve tee with their registration and can look forward to a free craft beer at the end of the race!

Monday, Free Will will have its annual Taproom Tree Lighting at the Brewery in Perkasie. The event begins at 7 pm.  

Tré Locally Sourced food truck will be parked out front. The event will feature Free Will’s annual sour toast by popping open a huge bottle of something out of the cellar. They will also curate a special draft list with some holiday favorites. Everyone is welcome to hang around for the Eagles Monday night game after the festivities. 


Nov 2019

Out d’Coup | Devastating Impeachment Testimonies; 2020 Update; Buttigieg Surge; Warren Stumble; Biden Fail; Yudichak; Wolf Wage Fail; Drew Crompton, Really?; Tesla Cybertruck; Free Will Black Friday

Devastating testimony at this week’s impeachment hearings. Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovich and former Trump National Security Council Advisor, Fiona Hill,  were the right choices to bookend a week of devastating impeachment hearings. Women warriors for sure. 

Buttigieg jumps into the lead in recent polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie and Biden tied in national polls. Elizabeth Warren stumbling on Medicare for All. Biden tells immigrant activist to go vote for Trump. 

John Yudichak, the former Democratic state Senator from Luzerne County, takes a profile in courage and declares himself an independent that will caucus with Republicans. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has reached a deal on the minimum wage.  Workers can look forward to a whopping $9.50 an hour wage by 2022, and food service workers will be stuck at $2.83.  The Governor worked with Republicans and The Chamber to reach such a deal while leaving Democrats and union leaders out of the talks.

In order to get this deal, Governor Wolf also agreed to ease off of implementing overtime rules that would have helped tens of thousands of more low-income workers. 

And if that’s not maddening enough, Governor Wolf nominated Drew Crompton, Senator Joe Scarnati’s Chief of Staff, to the Commonwealth Court.  Crompton has come under scrutiny for never presiding or prosecuting a case in the courtroom, most likely never wrote an official legal opinion and was recently caught using Senator Scarnati’s campaign credit card to celebrate his 50th birthday in Las Vegas.

Tesla reveals its long-awaited pickup truck. Possible designs have been floating around the web for months. No one, however, was prepared for what drove out on the stage last night. Let’s say it’s a cross between a stealth fighter and an F150. Welcome to your cyberpunk future. Before we go all Bladerunner or Mad Max, they’ll have to fix the bulletproof windows. 

Free Will Brewing releases, This Saturday, November 23rd is the debut of The Most Fun.⁣

19 varieties of Ralphius and Ella are coming back to Free Will in a big way on Black Friday

Nov 2019

Out d’Coup | Impeachment; Warren Trolls Billionaires; Stephen Miller Emails; Venice Floods; DePasquale Climate Report; FBI Probes Wolf; PA Min Wage Fail; RTK; Space News; Big Free Will Releases

Impeachment hearings begin. 

Elizabeth Warren trolls billionaires

Also this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report on racist, white nationalist emails from senior White House policy advisor Stephen Miller

After Delany disappeared from Presidential race, Deval Patrick, jumps into the Democratic primary to represent the Big Finance wing of the party.  

Significant areas of Venice, including major tourist sites, damaged in historic flooding. Over six feet of water inundated the city. The Veneto Regional council, located on Venice’s Grand Canal, was flooded for the first time in history, literally moments after officials rejected a proposal to combat climate change. 

State Auditor General, Eugene DePasquale, released a report showing that Pennsylvania has already incurred $261 million in costs related to severe weather connected to climate change. DePasquale said that the state’s plan to mitigate the effects of climate change or address its role in worsening the problem is seriously lacking. “Pennsylvania is the nation’s fourth-largest contributor of greenhouse gases,” he said. “We can and must do better.”

The Associated Press is reporting that the FBI has begun a corruption investigation into how Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration came to issue permits for construction on a multibillion-dollar pipeline project to carry highly volatile natural gas liquids across Pennsylvania.

Jake Corman releases a $9.50 minimum wage plan in a push to have a minimum wage deal reached by the end of the year.  Ok, boomer. 

Harrisburg University makes it into The Atlantic for its big varsity program in...wait for it...eSports. 

Heads up vapers....after performing a double-lung transplant on a teen vaper, a surgeon says it’s an “Evil I haven’t faced before.” 

Right to Know docs are in.

China successfully tests a Mars lander, bring their ambitions visit Mars in 2020. 

Scientists have found a superfast star speeding away from our galaxy after being ejected from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. 

NASA opens up last untouched Apollo Moon Rock Sample

Free Will is releasing the first beer in a new sour line tomorrow with Lavish: Apricot Guava Coconut - Sour Ale brewed with apricot purée, guava purée, coconut, milk sugar, and a touch of sea salt. 

Get ready for Black Friday at Free Will. It’s the annual release of Ella and Ralphius. Tonight’s the “Grand Illumination Celebration” at Peddler’s Villiage.

Nov 2019

Out d’Coup | Huge Wins on Election Day; Impeachment; Pelosi Goes After Medicare for All; Bloomberg Hubris; Beauregard for Senate; PA Blue Wave Again; APSCUF Contract; Space News; Free Will Releases

Kentucky Governor’s mansion turns blue! Looks like Trump’s “Read the Transcripts” rally in Lexington on the eve of election day didn’t work out so well for the Republican incumbent. Before corporate Democrats join calls to “move to the center,” they would be wise to remember that the teacher strikes gave Democrats the Governor’s mansion, not some dishwater appeal to bipartisanship. 

Virginia goes Democrat from House to the Governor’s office. 

Gordon Sondland, Trump’s EU Ambassador, flips on his boss. The transcripts are scathing. And, Sondland wasn’t the only person that saw transcripts of their depositions released to the public. A giant “uh-oh” was heard coming from the general direction of the White House. 

Ayanna Presley endorses Elizabeth Warren for president. Is this a “split” in the Squad or evidence that progressives are beginning to deepen their roots in the Democratic Party? 

Nancy Pelosi goes to Bloomsberg News to say she’s not a fan of Medicare for All. That’s should be like a bat signal to all progressives that even if we win big in 2020, we’ll be in for a fight with the Democratic Party leadership.

Another billionaire prepares to enter the presidential race as a Democratic hopeful. Yes, Michael Bloomberg will demonstrate to the world - just like Tom Steyer - how much money you can burn through to stroke your ego.

Oh, yeah, and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, is jumping in the race to get his old Senate seat in Alabama. Looks like the biggest threat to his seat will be...Trump. Trump said jokingly he’d move to Alabama to run against Sessions himself.

Bill Fletcher, Jr. takes to the pages of In These Times to once again make the case for social justice unionism. In the wake of militant labor victories, business unionism still dominates the leadership of many small and large unions

Oh, yeah, and public impeachment hearings begin next Wednesday and House Democrats are looking to a vote on impeachment before Christmas! 

Philadelphia votes a candidate from the Working Families Party to City Council. It’s the first time a candidate not from one of the major parties wins a seat on the council. Congrats to Kendra Brooks

Over half of Pennsylvania’s population now live in counties that are controlled by Democrats.  Democrats swept every open seat in Delaware and Chester counties and then took control of Bucks, Lehigh and Monroe counties.  Will these victories lead to a PA Dem Trifecta in 2020?

Scranton gets its first-ever woman mayor! Paige Cognetti, who ran as a Berniecrat independent, won the special election for mayor last night. Her campaign slogan, “Paige Against the Machine,” will now bring progressive politics to NEPA.  She cut her teeth writing a scathing report of corruption in Scranton’s school district for PA Auditor General Eugene Depasquale. 

APSCUF leadership begins its PR push to persuade members to vote in favor of the new contract next week. Many questions remain as to what APSCUF leadership’s embrace of the new PASSHE Chancellor and “interest-based bargaining” will mean for the organizational gains achieved as part of the union’s 2016 strike. 

Raging Chicken still awaiting the results of our Right to Know request about legionella bacteria found in multiple buildings across Kutztown University’s campus.

Elon Musk makes the case that Space X’s new Starship could cost as little as $2 million per launch...way below the cost of even small rockets. Boeing trying to stay relevant in the race to get back to the moon. The Aerospace goliath presented NASA with a plan for a simplified “Human Lander System” (HLS) that will make use of the much delayed, still to be operational “Space Launch System.” 

The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Army Lt. General Robert Ashley, painted a dark picture of near-future real space wars as Russia and China are rapidly developing weapons to be deployed in space. He made the remarks as part of his keynote speech at CyberSat 2019.

Are we actually going to get a space hotel in the near future? The Gateway Foundation is making moves. 

Free Will releases: Available on draft and in cans this Saturday at both Perkasie and Peddler's Village locations. We’ll also have all of this week’s releases at the Wrightstown Farmers Market Saturday morning.

  • Plum Cinnamon Mash - Sour Ale brewed with plum purée, cinnamon, vanilla, and milk sugar. 7.5% ABV. 
  • Sweet Cherry Apricot Mash - Sour Ale brewed with sweet cherry purée, apricot purée, vanilla, and milk sugar. 7.5% ABV

A special Wednesday release, this past week for this year’s Special Cookie. Special Cookie is Free Will’s annual Imperial Spiced Brown Ale brewed with cardamom, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla. 12.5% ABV⁣. And if you’re lucky, you just might get your hands on a bottle of  Rum Barrel Aged Special Cookie from 2018.

Oct 2019

Out d’Coup | Justice Eats Itself; House GOP Stunt; Sanders and AOC; Warren on CTU Line; Biden Tanks x 2; Mack Trucks; PA Charter Appeals Board; Heartbeat Bill; Quantum Breakthrough; Free Will Releases

Trump’s Justice Department prepares to eat itself. Turns out Bill Barr’s globetrotting was part of an agenda to prop up right-wing conspiracy theories about the origin of the Russia probe. Look out, Deep State. Looks like Matt Taibbi’s claim from a couple of weeks ago that we are in a “permanent coup,” does not sound so crazy right about now. 

Republicans pull media stunt to distract media attention from Tuesday’s closed-door testimony by the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Tayor. The House Intelligence Committee was preparing to depose Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary, Laura Cooper, about the expanding Ukraine scandal when over 40 House Republicans burst into the confidential hearing room and made a scene. 14 of those members already had access to the hearing room, making their claims about being excluded a bit rich. Scott Perry was one!

Bernie Sander’s gets a huge endorsement from AOC and Michael Moore. His Queens rally last Saturday saw crowds of around 30,000 people...the largest campaign rally of the political season. 

Then, Sanders tells Ryan Grim of The Intercept that if elected, he would revive criminal prosecutions of Corporate CEOs, using long-neglected provisions of the Sherman Act. 

Elizabeth Warren joined Chicago teachers on the picket lines this week. 

Biden’s fundraising atrophies as some in Democratic Party donor class start to beg for a Super PAC they can dump their money into. Biden was a bit distracted this week, though. He and his campaign forgot to buy the web address...and the social media accounts...for his Latinx outreach campaign. Todos con Biden. Now Trump owns it. Now if you go to TodosConBiden.com, it takes you to Latinos for Trump. 

And a surging Pete Buttigieg hires former Goldman Sachs Exec to run his policy shop. 

More wildfires erupt in California after a PG&E transmission line broke and set the Sonoma County fire ablaze. Over 50,000 residents have had to evacuate.

A judge holds Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, in contempt for forcing students scammed by Corinthian Colleges. The judge orders DeVos to pay a $100,000 fine. 

Mitch McConnell gets the cold shoulder from a pallbearer at Elijah Cummings’s memorial service. Trump all class once again as he decided to skip the memorial service...not that he was missed. 

Mack Trucks strike ends this morning. Details of the agreement have not been released, but it looks like workers held the line on keeping jobs in the U.S. 

It’s groundhogs day at the Charter Appeals Board!  The CAB’s dysfunction is so bad it has one charter school asking CAB members to deny their appeal so they can pack up, get out of the board’s purgatory and get their appeal into Commonwealth Court. 

Senator Mastriano and Representative Borowicz introduced the 6-week abortion ban this week in front of a packed media center.

Researchers at Google AI Quantum and researchers at UC Santa Barbara said they achieved a long-hoped-for milestone in quantum computing: “Quantum Supremacy.” Their newly published paper shows that their prototype quantum computer could perform a complex math problem that would take today’s supercomputers about 10,000 years to complete. 

This morning, NASA Chief Administrator, Jim Bridenstine, took to the LiveStream to talk about the Artemis Moon Mission slated for 2024

Free Will Brewing release news. 

Oct 2019

Out d’Coup | 4th Dem Debate Hot Takes; Bernie’s Big Endorsements; Syria; RIP Elijah Cummings; Mark Sanford Hikes to PA; Lebanon Co Fix; UAW & CTU Strikes; Space News; Free Will Releases

It was Democratic Debate night this past Tuesday. Sean and I will give you our hot takes from the night. Medhi Hasan of the Intercept says, there should only be two front runners right now: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. No questions on climate change. Warren still stumbling with the question about paying for Medicare for All. Buttigieg makes a move for the Biden lane, abandoning any progressive pretenses. Biden sounds like a Trump lackey when talking about his son’s job in Ukraine. 

Big endorsements for Bernie from Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Trump pulls the rug out from under the Kurds in Northeastern Syria. That led almost immediately to over 100,000 Kurdish fighters and families having to flee from advancing Turkish forces. Mike Pence then headed to Turkey to give Erdogan everything he wanted, signing off on the slaughter of the Kurds.  

Mick Mulvaney earns a new nickname “quid pro quo.”  Trump says fuck you, we’re going to Doral for the G7. 

And RIP to Elijah Cummings. Want to know how to go out like a Boss? How about signing two subpoenas getting documents related to the detention of immigrant children and refugees.  

Mark Sanford - yes, that Mark Sanford.  The former South Carolina governor most famous for telling everyone he was hiking on the Appalachian Trail while going on the lam to spent time with his Argentinian mistress kicked off his longshot primary campaign against Donald Trump in Philadelphia and Harrisburg on Wednesday.   

Thousands of Mack Trucks UAW workers went on strike in the Mid-Atlantic region this week and that includes hundreds of workers at the Macungie and Middletown assembly plants.

The Pennsylvania capital star reports on how the fix is in for Lebanon County District Attorney David Arnold to replace Mike Folmer in the Pennsylvania Senate.  Sorry to Matt Brouillette. 

Chancellor Greenstein comes to Kutztown and says we’re bad kids. 

This morning, two women NASA astronauts made history.  Christina Koch and Jessica Meir ventured outside the International Space Station early this morning for the first all-female spacewalk. 

NASA unveils new spacesuits for the #Artemis era of space exploration. Yes, we get red, white, and blue suits for lunar surface and orange prison jumpers for spaceships. In particular, they unveiled the spacesuits that will be worn by the first woman on the moon. 

Not to be outdone, on Wednesday, Virgin Galactic unveiled their new spacesuits designed by UnderArmor that will be worn by passengers on Virgin’s edge of space flights.

Free Will Brewing has two new releases on Saturday, 10/19: 

  • Cranberry Wheat - Free Will’s Wheat Ale Fermented with cranberries - 5% ABV.
  • Universally United - another collaboration. This time, their first collaboration with DuClaw Brewing Co. and Is Beer a Carb. It’s a Hazy IPA with Pomegranate. Brewed with flaked oats and flaked corn, hopped with Experimental 06277, Idaho 7, and Amarillo, then fermented with pomegranate purée - 7.1% ABV⁣.
Oct 2019

Out d’Coup | Ukraine Arrests; Impeachment; Wagner Billboard Remembrance; Free Will Releases; and, Life Chaos

It's a Free-For-All Friday, folks! Life is crazy; our politics are crazier. Welcome to another week in 'Merica. 

On this day in PA, we will never forget the gift that kept on giving: Scott Wagner's failed campaign for Governor. 


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