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Aug 2016

Out d’Coup | Trump Tests Out Derailing His Campaign; Bernie Launches “Our Revolution”; Big Progressive Win in Washington State; New Poll Shows Hillary With Big Lead in PA

Today we talk about Trump's increasing efforts to derail his own presidential bid and blame others for his demise. We take a look back at a week that saw Trump attack the family of a U.S. soldier who lost his life in Iraq; the release (some say by the Donald himself) of naked pics of Milania Trump; uneasy "sane" Republicans begin to speak out against Trump; and, the Trumpster's inability to keep his fingers off the Twitter. 

This week also saw the launch of Bernie Sanders's new organization, "Our Revolution," which promised to continue the fight to bring a political revolution to American politics, advancing a progressive agenda. The organization plans on supporting at least 100 candidates for local, state, and national office this fall. Have progressive finally learned that we need to invest in building our institutions for the long term? We shall see. 

Yesterday, the progressive Pramila Jayapal, won the Washington State primary. If her victory is any indication of a shift in the political wins in the country, that's good news for Zephyr Teachout's campaign in New York and Jamie Ruskin's in Maryland. A more progressive Congress in 2017? Just might be. 

We also talk about a newly released Franklin and Marshal poll showing Hillary pulling away from Trump by 11 points in PA. We're seeing similar results across the rust belt states. 
Finally, Sean fills us in on the latest Pizza Boy can release and Kevin "discovers" a hilarious hipster word...a couple years late. All this and more!

Jul 2016

Out d’Coup | LIVE (sort of) We talk GOP Convention, DNC Convention in Philly, Protests, Social Movements and More! #DemsInPhilly

Welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION of Raging Chicken Radio's Out d'Coup podcast. Today we talk about the end of the Republican Convention in Cleveland and the beginning of the Democratic National Convention in Philly. We get into the #Wikileaks controversy regarding the DNC chair (now former chair) Debbie Wasserman Schultz; splits in the Democratic Party; protests in the street of Philly; and, directions forward for progressive political movements. 

We recap Kevin Mahoney's on-the-ground reporting from the streets of Philly at the beginning of the week and the great work of left organizing by groups like Socialist Alternative. Finally, we close out with Sean's announcement that he has just become an Uncle! All the more reason to get into some of the latest beer news to keep the celebrations going. 

Why is this a "SPECIAL EDITION"? Well, because we did this show in the same room for a change and attempted to stream the podcast live. Facebook Live failed us (three times), so we switched over to Periscope for the last two segments of the show. We'll get the kinks worked out for next time...still, let us know what you think!
Jul 2016

The Sit Down | March for a Clean Energy Revolution in Philly ahead of the DNC. Interviews with activists and commentary

Kevin Mahoney was in Philadelphia for the March for a Clean Energy Revolution on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. It was an amazing march with a determination to deepen progressive social movements. Mahoney had a chance to talk to several people at the march and we bring those interviews you today in this special on-the-street episode of The Sit Down. Mahoney talks to:

Mahoney also gives his impressions of the march, the surprise HUGE turnout by Bernie Sanders activists, and so much more. Raging Chicken also has lots of photos posted up on our Facebook page and a bunch of videos on our YouTube channel, so check them out.

Oh, did we mention that it was freaking hot? No biggie. Mahoney will be back on the street tomorrow for more actions. Check out all the actions OUTSIDE the Democratic National Convention at DNC Action Committee.

Jul 2016

Out d’Coup | Today: RNC Craziness, DNC Protests, Social Movements, Pokemon Go, Coffee, & Beer

Today on Out d'Coup, we talk about the craziness at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the upcoming protests at the Democratic National Convention in Philly. What's this all mean for the country and the future of social movements? And Kevin Mahoney lays out why he thinks the Ted Cruz "fiasco" on Tuesday night was actually coldly orchestrated by the Trump campaign. 

Plus, we discuss the PA legislature's decision to move forward on anti-woman, anti-abortion legislation and some questionable alliances between some key politicians and the Catholic Church that are lurking behind the scenes. 

If that's not enough for you, we also talk Pokemon Go, PA roasted-fair-trade-organic whiskey barrel aged coffee, and...of course...beer. 

And believe it or not, there's more. Leave us a note and let us know what you think!
Jul 2016

BrewCast | We’re Off! An Experimental Audio Collaboration between Raging Chicken Radio and Biniek Biotech Brews!

We've been talking about this for a long time...here it is! The first episode of Raging Chicken Radio's BrewCast! Over the course of a couple of months, we will follow Chemistry teacher and home brewer Matthew Biniek as he brews a Belgian Strong Ale. This is his original recipe and it's his first time brewing it. We'll be there from mashing the grains to popping the cap. 

In today's episode we talk about the idea for this podcast and Matthew gives us a preview of the brewing process. We'll hear about his hope and fears for what he's calling his Raging Belgian (Woot!) and how he got into home brewing. This should be a hoot folks. Be sure to follow Biniek Biotech Brews on Untappd

Let us know what you think!
Jul 2016

Out d’Coup | Back from Vacation! Police Shootings, #PABudget, Bush Memorial Jig, and Craft Beer

It's a HUGE welcome back from vacation show! Kevin Mahoney goes away for a week, goes internet free for a week (after going for a swim with his phone), and the world goes nuts. We have lots to talk about: the poloice shootings of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling; the shooting of five police officers in Dallas; a #PABudget funded through regressive taxation and one-time gimmicks; no APSCUF contract yet; PA Dem introduces a "Blue Lives Matter" bill; and, let's not forget the on-going fallout from Brexit. Whew! And what the hell was George W. Bush doing dancing with a shit-eating grin on his face at the memorial for the Dallas police officers killed by a sniper? 

After a heavy dose of politics, it's all craft beer. Kevin Mahoney talks about two new Central NY/Adirondack craft breweries that he visited on vacation last week: the Fulton Chain Craft Brewery in Old Forge, NY; and, Woodland Hop Farm and Fermentation in Marcy, NY. A cucumber lime saison? A dandelion farmhouse ale? Beer that tastes like and Adirondack camp fire? You bet! Plus, Sean Kitchen gives us an update on some great new releases at Pizza Boy Brewing

All this and more!

Just a note: Apparently, Kevin's head is still partly on vacation. He had the wrong mic live, so his end of the audio is a little tinny. Sorry about that!
Jun 2016

Out d’Coup | PA Public Park Privatization; New Restrictive Anti-Abortion Bill; and High Tech Wage Theft All in One Week! Sean Kitchen Breaks It Down

Today on Out d'Coup, Sean Kitchen fills us in on why his head nearly exploded yesterday after learning about PA legislators' plans to open up Pennsylvania's public parks to profiteers. And this time we can't just blame the Republicans - almost all PA Democrats were on board with the privatization scheme until Rep. Greg Vitali, a Democrat from Delaware County broke the consensus and came out strongly against the bill. And this one would have passed too, since it seemed that Gov. Tom Wolf was on board with the scheme. 

Then yesterday, a modified version of the high tech wage theft bill that Sean Kitchen has been reporting on passed the Senate yesterday with little opposition from Democrats. Only six representatives with strong records supporting workers voted in opposition. 

And, it wouldn't be Pennsylvania if there wasn't another restrictive anti-abortion bill to talk about. Last week state lawmakers - again, on a bi-partisan basis - were waging more attacks on women's access to medical care and abortion services. Monday's historic pro-choice Supreme Court decision only underscores that PA lawmakers are moving in the wrong direction.


Jun 2016

Out d’Coup | Sean Kitchen Back from Vacation! We talk PennLive Grouping Peaceful Anti-Fracking Activists with the Ku Klux Klan; Election 2016 Catch Up; & Legalizing Marijuana in PA?

Today on Out d'Coup, Sean Kitchen is back from his vacation in the great mountain west! Was he lost in the Rockies or in one of Boulder's many marijuana dispensaries? We'll find out.

Plus, we'll talk about his most recent article calling out PennLive for grouping peaceful anti-fracking protesters with the Ku Klux Klan and right-wing white militias under the rubric of "Domestic Terror Threats." We talk about what this says about the state of establishment media and why we need to support independent progressive media. 

In the second segment, we talk about the next round in the fight to legalize marijuana for recreational use in PA. Sean discusses State Representative Jordan Harris's co-sponsorship memo in favor of legalization. We also get Sean's first-hand account of his experience navigating Colorado's marijuana dispensary system.

Finally, we talk Colorado craft beer and some upcoming craft beer events in PA. Hope you'll join us!
Jun 2016

The Sit Down | Jason Del Gandio, Author of “Rhetoric for Radicals,” on Communicating for Social Change, Bernie Sanders, and Activist Intellectuals in Academe

Today on The Sit Down we’re talking social movements and public intellectuals with Jason Del Gandio. We talk about the role of communication, language and rhetoric in building and sustaining social movements, the future of the political movement that coalesced around the Bernie Sanders campaign, and the role of activist intellectuals in higher education.

Del Gandio is a scholar-activist and Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Public Advocacy at Temple University. His scholarship focuses on the theory and practice of social justice, especially when it comes to activism and social movements.  He approaches these topics through the intersections of rhetoric, philosophy, and performance.  

His public writing has engages with issues such as corporate control, the rhetoric of the Obama and Bush administrations, immaterial labor, autonomy, performance art, the Occupy movement, spontaneous uprisings, and the relationship between neoliberalism and the university.  His writings have appeared in CounterPunch, Truth-out.org, Radical Philosophy Review, New Political Science, Dissident Voice, and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.  

In his book, Rhetoric for Radicals: A Handbook for 21st Activists, Del Gandio seeks to help activists focus on effective communication that is often lacking in even some more experienced activists. As he argues, radicals have important messages to deliver, but are often so caught up in the passion of their causes that they often suffer from a credibility gap because of their lack of coherent message and delivery. Rhetoric for Radicals is a guide that can help activists develop strategic communication skills to be effectively heard.

Jason is also the co-editor with Anthony Nocella of Educating for Action: Strategies to Ignite Social Justice, and The Terrorization of Dissent: Corporate Repression, Legal Corruption, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Jun 2016

The Sit Down | Marlana Eck of Lehigh Valley Vanguard Talking Millennial Radicalism, Bernie Sanders, Citizen Media, and Working Class Activism

Today on The Sit Down we’re talking with Marlana Eck is the Founder of the Lehigh Valley Vanguard and co-founder of Rag Queen Periodical. We're talking Millennial radicalism, citizen media,  Bernie Sanders, and working class activism.

The Lehigh Valley Vanguard resides at the intersection of art and politics. The Vanguard features narratives which speculate on late capitalism, the efficacy of mainstream politics, explorations of identity, and the fetishization of market relationships (neoliberalism). 

Rag Queen Periodical, co-founded with Kailey Tedesco, features writing about the embodiment of womanhood, regardless of how that's manifested one’s life. Rag Queen deviates from neoliberal, corporate feminism; focusing instead on subverting the erasure of female agency and identity. Nuance, intersectionality, and evocative storytelling are Rag Queen’s signposts. www.RagQueenPeriodical.com/

Marlana is also President of the Board and founding member along with Rick Smith and yours truly of the Citizen Media Center

Marlana has published extensively on issues of class, labor, feminism, marginalization, and precarity. A small sampling of her publications include: 

- "The Responsibility of Déclassé Intellectuals" in The Déclassé Intellectual

- "Jesus Can’t Save Us From Capitalist Patriarchy: a Memoir," in Rag Queen Periodical

How to be an Adjunct (and a Cliché)," in The Chronicle of Higher Education

Marlana holds a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Kutztown Univesity; a Master’s in Globalization and Educational Change from Lehigh University; and, she is currently enrolled in the PhD program in Literature and Criticism at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 
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